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Moral Education Based On The Human Characteristic Under The Socialist Market Economy Background

Posted on:2006-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the reform and opening-up and development of the modernization, our country, whether in economy, or on the social structure, has changed enormously,especially the subjects of social activity-People, are changing historically. China'straditional human nature view has been struck. The new human nature is emerging: People's competition consciousness, equal democratic consciousness, reform and innovate consciousness are becoming more and more obvious. Such some bad social ideological trends as mammonism, individualism, utilitarianism, etc. have appeared and have caused the society out of order. So how combine new human nature characteristic to carry on moral education is the new task of socialist morals build. It is a great subject to be solved of moral education at present of our country that how to set up socialist moral education system which is not only conformity with socialist market economy and concert with socialist legal norm but also succeeding to Chinese nation's traditional virtue.This text explain the thought of traditional theory of human nature in China and foreign countries and Marxism scientific human nature view at first, then, on this basis, probe into human characteristic and development trend and its relation with moral education under the socialist market economy condition. It supported the view that moral education under the socialist market economy background should adhere to the human nature principle and reflect the human characteristic at this stage. It is necessary to take the subjective moral personality as moral education's target and structure the new moral education content and innovate moral education method. Only in this way, could we improve the real effects of moral education .
Keywords/Search Tags:Human characteristic, Socialist market economy, Moral education
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