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Research On The Development Mode Of Human Under The Condition Of Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2018-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330515471316Subject:Mark philosophy
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Philosophy has its own nature and purpose,which is based on constantly asking the question of "what is the origin of the world" and ultimately exploring and caring the existence and development of human beings.As an important part of Marx’s philosophy,cultural philosophy has made a critical reflection on the existence and development of human beings through the critical reflection of cultural and social phenomena.But in Marx’s classical theory,the theory of human development especially the theory of the three forms of human development is the most classic elaborates the issues related to the development of the Marx and an important starting point for the discussion of the development of human beings.Since the reform and opening-up,the socialist market economy,which has been successfully practiced in China,has not only accelerated the rapid development of China’s economy but also promoted the transformation of all aspects of modern Chinese society.As a result,the Chinese people in the process of development began to transform themselves consciously or unconsciously in the practice of understanding and transforming the world.In this process,how to face and grasp the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of socialist market economy for people in the development,has become an important topic in the Chinese development,which is the value of this paper.In order to solve these problems and difficulties,What we need to do is to explore and think deeply about Marx’s classical theory,especially the theory of human development in the background of socialist market economy for the development of Chinese people to explore a reasonable and scientific way and methods.For the above theoretical problems,this paper is divided into three parts to explain and illustrate the above problems:Chapter one: "The theoretical explanation of Marx’s theory of human development",this chapter is mainly about the meaning and content of the development of human beings and explain the theory of human development.So that we can understand Marx’s theory of human development and understand the inheritance and innovation of Marx’s successors,especially the leaders of our party,to the development of human beings.This part is the theoretical foundation of this paper.Chapter two: "The basic situation of the development mode of human being under the condition of socialist market economy",this chapter mainly explores the transformation of the development mode of the people before and after the establishment of the socialist market economy with the socialist market economy as the breakthrough point.So we can get the emergence of the market economy to the development of people with what favorable conditions to promote the development of people,but also accompanied by what adverse conditions hinder the development of people.Chapter three: "The establishment of contemporary human development under the condition of market economy",this chapter is a tentative answer to the question of how Chinese people develop today.In other words,how should the developing Chinese people grasp the opportunities offered by the socialist market economy,how to face the challenge of socialist market economy and how to make better use of the ideological weapon of Marx’s theory to develop human beings in the context of the current social transformation in China,thus we can find a way to promote the all-round development of human beings.
Keywords/Search Tags:the socialist market economy, the development mode of human being, the theory of the three forms of human development
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