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Human Relations And Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2003-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J QiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360065464137Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Human feelings refers to the emotion between person,including the feelings of nature and society.Ethics refers to the various moral rules for communication.Human relation is a eneralname of differenent conduct regulation that applies human feelings to the person's intercours. Human relation is an important kind of expression form of Chinese traditional culture,it embodies a concentrated reflection of the Chinese common custom. Human feelings with substantial connotation is a dynamic development process.History and culture's movement refurbishes its connotation constantly.we can abstract the fixed model of thinking and conduct pattern from the Human relation..With the characteristic of social nature and exchange,humanrelations belongs to the ethics of member community,which has a nature of non-common.Human relation saw a process of emergence development and maturity.Human nature ethics provides philosophical basis for human's emergence Consanguinity affinity is contribute to the form of human relation,etiquette's form popularization promotes the progress of human relations.Human feelings has gone through a process from the feelings of nature to the feelings of society.The changes of social economy and culture accelerate the human relations evolution,it has a certain gradation,member community is the base of building.As a cultural phenomenonjiuman relations has mutiplied for several thousand years,it has it own reason to exist.Human relations is conductive to form person intercourse humony.From human relation,we can abstract many value ideas such as confinning material gains by justice ,etc. Group departmental selfishness is a major value orientation,it implicates the sense of collectivism which condues to foster the collectivism ideology.Market economy is a sort of economy ruled by law,it has movement regularities of its own,as well as stricted operaation rules,the subject of market should abide by the basisc game reles.The subject of market economy shou Id abide by the basic game rules.But lawleave much room for the ethical morality because of its lag and loopholes. So,market economy possesses morality and contains ethics.Market economy demands that economy subject conscientiously observes the market economyal basic rules,human relations is suitable for market.Human relations standards,such as subject equality,exchange at equal value,honesty and credit,efficiency unite fair,are conduct regularsss which must be praticed out by market economy.The development ineviable trend of modern economical management theory is a management pattern with emotion that regards man as the core.Surely,because human relations paticipates in social life as a degree of relationship pattern,and it brought network circle and another into being,it has some limitation.Moreover,dynamic society also demands human relations'develops and keeps pace with it.For this reason,we should strengthen socialist spiritual civilization building,pubic morality,collectivism ideology,and socialist building ruled by law,we should overcome the limitation by ethics and law which regular it comprehensively .Through the correct guide of human relation,it will serve the socialist market economy construction better.
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