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On The Characteristics And Values Of Chen Peixun's Piano Music

Posted on:2007-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chen Peixun is a famous music educator and composer at home and broad in contemporary China. His representative works of Chinese piano music were mostly adapted from Cantonese music, having distinctive characteristics and great values. This dissertation sums up the characteristics and values in Chen Peixun's piano music by studying his five works which were included in Selection from Chinese Classical Music for Piano. This dissertation includes three sections: the first section is the overview of Chinese piano music development; the second section sums up the characteristics of Chen Peixun's piano music, which is the major part of this paper. It discusses the seven artistic characteristics in terms of style, content, creation thought, development of theme, structure, mode, melody, harmony and performance. The third section is on the values of Chen Peixun's Piano Music works.Through the discussion of the three sections, the dissertation wants to show how Chen Peixun kept the traditional music style and how he interpreted traditional music by using music creation skills used both in Chinese music and West music. This paper wants to gather creation experience on piano music works of Chinese style and provide some reference for the international dissemination of Chinese piano music.
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