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Influences From The Publishing Cultural Dissemintaion's On The Construction Of Minors'Ethical Outlook In The Transitional Period

Posted on:2007-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is in the transitional period from traditional society to modern society. In this comprehensive integrated social change, multi-cultural collisions and exchanges emerge. The view of value initiated by the main culture changes dramatically, and moral evolution inevitably impacts the minors. The construction of the minors' ethical outlook is a moral cultivation through education, which teaches them to become qualified, avoids unhumanized phenomenon, upgrades the value of life, and then makes them noble. As to the shaping of the minors' ethical outlook during the social transition, the most influencing factor is the publishing cultural dissemination. The classical publications for the minors are the nourishment to their souls, spiritual promotion to their minds, and the heritage and accumulation of outstanding cultures and the collection of essence. Good publications for the minors enable them moral, soul mold and purification, so as to become perfect.At present in our country, comments on the relationship between publishing cultural dissemination and the shaping of the minors' ethical outlook are deficient and simple. The main representatives are Exploration of the Ideological and Moral Education of Young People in New Era by Xu Zhongan and Zhang Weidong, Educational and Psychology Dictionary of Contemporary Young People by Yu Guoliang, Good Kid, Good Habit by Sun Yunxiao, Book on Chinese Moral Education by Zhan Wansheng. Their main points are that the core of education is not imparting knowledge but cultivating healthy personality and that good habit is the foundation of healthy character. They advocate "harmonious moral education" which unifies the school, the family and the society. Most of these studies stays at a certain point or a certain level, regarding young people as the principle part of the moral education, and particularly lacking in analysis and appraisal and ethical sources research in the respect of the impact of publications on the construction of the young people's moral system. So this thesis, dealing with the impact of the publications on the minors' ethical outlook, possesses a certain theoretical and practical significance.The full text includes five parts. PartⅠdeals with the minors' ethical outlook status quo during the social transition, mainly discussing the mainstream of the minors' the ethical outlook, their nonstandard ethical phenomenon, and elucidating that the nonstandard publication is the major reason for the minors' nonstandard ethical outlook, from the points of facts and theoretical origins. Part II elaborates positive and negative effects of publishing cultural dissemination on the minors. Based on the above analysis and specific surveys, PartⅢdiscusses the meaning of the publishing cultural dissemination. It is made up of three parts: social ethical orientation with...
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