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China English In Chinese-English Translation

Posted on:2008-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360212988151Subject:English Language and Literature
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In view of cultural differences, the inability to translate many ideas and concepts from a source language to a target language is a permanent problem. Having no cultural equivalents in the English speaking culture, particular Chinese expressions require a keen cultural awareness and the use of appropriate strategies in order to accomplish a satisfactory and accurate translation. This thesis is aimed at the treatment of those "untranslatable" Chinese expressions or unique Chinese concepts which are exotic or unfamiliar to English readers due to the lack of equivalence in the English culture. The author first assumes that the existence of China English is an evidence of cultural collision. An overall comparison is then made between two conflicting strategies---Domestication and Foreignization, as well as a sufficient supply of examples of the available effective approaches for translating those unique "untranslatable" expressions. The thesis ends with a discussion concerning the significance of China English as an English variety.Through a comparison between Domestication and Foreignization, the author maintains that Foreignization is the basic strategy for cultural translation, and that the existence of China English is inevitable. Politically, China English, to a certain extent, is an instrument used to resist cultural collision and maintain the features in the source text. Culturally, it is a stimulant for mutual understanding between Chinese and Western social ideologies. Although it takes time for China English to be totally accepted by English readers, as a wording style, it will find its way into the English common usage. Additionally, the author speaks highly of positive influence of China English in the development of English as an international language.
Keywords/Search Tags:China English, untranslatability, Domestication, Foreignization
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