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A Research Into The Burial Tomb Figurines Of Sui And Tang Dynasties In Xi'an Region

Posted on:2009-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the long river of China sculpture history, sculpture clay image occupies an extremely important one.Tomb figurines such a special function of clay image sculpture art, which is one of the most dazzling pearl. From the historical development, Sui and Tang Dynasties tomb figurines art is a peak of the development of tomb figurines arts,but also a turning point. Sui and Tang's capital Xi'an and its surrounding areas over 2,000 archaeological excavations,It's type of rich, superb production process, is the representative of the ancient tomb figurines of the highest artistic level. As a result,from the Sui and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an burial tomb figurines research, we can make the comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese tomb guardians of cultural heritage, and by this special perspective to snoop on cultural habits of the Sui and Tang Dynasties aesthetic changes. On the tomb figurines research could also explore the evolution of its artistic style and social environment on the formation, which is undoubtedly important art historical significance and meaning of cultural history tomb figurinesIn this paper, to the Sui and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an burial tomb figurines as a research object,the main content is broadly divided into the following four levels: First, sort out the Sui and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an burial tomb figurines categories,made a typology analysis; Second is the tomb figurines the evolution of the style done in phases study on each tomb figurines artistic style The evolution path; Third, tomb figurines evolution of social cause and fourth is related to the study. According to the study, this chapter reads structural design are as follows:ChapterⅠIntroduction to the first chapter of the paper involved in the related concept of a defined, followed by research-oriented topics of outlining the topics on the status and problems of research results, the last is research methodologyand research significanceChapterⅡfor the tomb figurines typology analysis. According to archaeological information, the paper will be the Sui and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an burial tomb figurines beast into tomb, tomb-warrior figurines, figurines and 12 heavenly kings of God figurines , and then in each category on the basis of a more tomb figurines Typology detailed study.ChapterⅢthe tomb figurines phased study. Typology of the previous chapter based on the results of this chapter of the tomb figurines track the evolution of artistic styles into Sui and Early Tang Gaozong to the period to Wu Zetian in the period to Dai-zong Xuanzong period Dezong four to the end of the Tang dynasty, and then madea detailed study.ChapterⅣis the evolution of social causes. the political system changes, the ghosts of geomancy concept of Buddhist thought and culture, and the development of the handicraft industry and the commercialization of clay image were discussed and the relationship between the environment were studied.ChapterⅤissues related research. Firstly, the chapter on the tomb image of the beast connotation analyzed and interpreted, and to explore the tomb beast "lion-shaped", "Wings" and the Western cultural characteristics of the relationship between the other in combination with other Suizang tomb figurines of the Sui and Tang Dynasties guardians of the system came with a preliminary exploration.ChapterⅥis the conclusion. Firstly summed up the results of this study Secondly, to reflect on the content of this thesis research, Secondly piont out the problem this paper did not solved, Lastly piont out the key points and direction.In this paper to explore the field of archaeology is based on the type summarized on the basis of the Sui and Tang Dynasties in Xi'an burial tomb.The purpose was to papers in the social rehabilitation Sui funeral customs on the basis of culture and reexamine the tomb figurines of the style and content of the Sui and Tang Dynasty tomb figurines style modeling process and the Evolution of the reasons to do a more comprehensive studying.
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