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A Research On Period Division And Types Of Songze Culture

Posted on:2010-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Songze Culture is a Neolithic archaeological culture that located in the lower Yangtze region; this artcle is mainly about the research of stages and types of Songze culture.This article is divided into four parts:Part I: The simple introduction of the discovery and research about the Songze culture. The Shanghai Committee excavationed Shanghai Qingpu Songze site of archaeological in 1960 the custody, Since then, Changzhou in Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Jiaxing, Zhejiang and other places have such remains that were found. In the 1974-1976, the Shanghai Committee excavationed Shanghai Qingpu Songze site of archaeological again.together with other Songze cultural sites, we enriched the culture material of Songze, we also understood such relics. It now appears that the results of the research have been published and can not cover a lot of new material. Songze middle of the cemetery does not mean that the phases of the whole culture phases Songze.Part II: The phases of the Songze culture. First of all, on the sub-site; secondly, according to correspondence between the sites, we put Songze culture into 5 phases 7sections. Based on Nanhebang, Songze sub-sites, in combination with other sites, above comparative analysis of the evolution of pottery in addition to the typical sequence of study, we can study a whole other various sites at different times by paragraph to show changes in the stage. Songze culture can be divided into paragraph 5.The 1st phase: One paragraph to Nanhebang, Songze one paragraph, one paragraph to Chuodun, paragraph one to Qiandixiang, Siqian Xiaodongmen, Xixi represented this phase.The 2nd phase : It can be broken down into two sections to Nanhebang 2-3, Songze 2-3, Chuodun 2-3,Qingdun paragraph 2-3, paragraph 1 to Xujiawan, Fuquanshan 1, Qiandixiang 2, Nanlou 1, paragraph one to Caoxieshan, paragraph 1-2 to Dongshancun, Panjiatang 1, one paragraph to Xuzhuang, Qiucheng, Siqian 2.The 3rd phase: Nanhebang4, Songze 4, Chuodun 4, Xujiawan2, paragraph 2 to Fuquanshan, Yaojiajuan 1, Guoxinhe, Shuangqiao, Weidun 1, Chuodun 4,Qiandixiang 3, Siqian 3, Nanlou 2, kaizhuang, Caoxieshan, qingdun2,Dafen2, Dongshancun 3, Panjiatang 2 , Xuzhuang 2. The 4th phase: It can be broken down into two sections to Nanhe Bang 5-6, 2-3 Tun Wei, Xujiawan paragraph 3-4, Yaojiajuan 2, Zhanglingshan, longnan, Weidun 2-3, the Qiandixiang 4,qingdun4, they represented the 4th phase.The 5th phase: The Nanhebang 7, Dazhemiao, Tangmiaocun, Yaojiajuan 3, zhanglingshan.Finally, we make the analysis of the typical potteries.Part III: The classified research of Songze culture. Divide Songze culture into three types: Nanhebang type, Songze type, Xu Chichiawan type. the main characteristics of Nanhebang type is: Nanhebang type to rough reddish brown clay-based ceramics, the basic no ornamentation, prime-based noodle. Combination of various types of pottery are the basic tripod of this type, Ptilagrostis beans, bean stalk thick, plates, pots, cups, cans and so on, all kinds of artifacts and diverse patterns, a lot of runs has always through the development of this type, from the richness of artifacts on the type of view, Nanhebang type have most pottery in the three types. Nanhebang type's foot tripod-shaped fin, cup-shaped beans does not appear in other types of pots, foot tripod-shaped has always through the development of Nanhebang type.The main features of Songze type are: The type of Songze coarse reddish brown clay pottery and main types of decorations than the number of Nanhebang. Combination of basic pottery spade foot tripod-shaped, chisel-shaped foot tripod, Ptilagrostis beans, coarse handle beans, cans, cups, pots and so on, Songze adequate types of spade-shaped chisel-shaped foot-ding-ding and in larger quantities at the pottery in the accounted for a larger proportion, the other two types of spade-shaped chisel foot tripod and tripod-shaped feet in the proportion of the pottery is relatively small. Songze numerous types of cans, morphological diversity, have always through the development of this type, and many types of cans at the other two types don't have. In addition, the types have a number of potteries that rare or not been found in other types of pottery, such as Gu, respect, spoon and so on.The main characteristics of Xujiawan types are: The most of the potteries are clay-RPM potteries. Decoration of potteries with a large proportion, decoration, additional stack pattern, engraved patterns, patterns, such as convex edge. Combination of basic pottery spade foot tripod-shaped, chisel-shaped foot tripod, earthenware vessel, three full plates, Ptilagrostis beans, coarse handle beans, cups, cans and so on. From the above combination of the composition of objects, we can see that in addition to other types of major pottery, there are no other geographical types of pottery, these items mainly earthenware vessel and three feet, and these two types of artifacts are the main types of Chichiawan Xu characteristics.Part IV: Conclusion.
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