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The Study Of Foucault's Discourse Semiotics Aesthetics

Posted on:2010-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360278480039Subject:Literature and art
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The western philosophy , aesthetics and poetics appear to linguistics, semiotics in 20th century, Foucault's discourse theory opens up a new path in this turning. Discourse theory is the foundation in all of Foucault's thought, which makes him become one of the greatest thinkers since 20th century. Foucault's discourse theory subverts the Saussure's structuralism linguistics, Foucault leads time and activities into discourse, pays attention to the practicality and generative of discourse, and combines discourse and power closely, shows solicitude for the production principle and control principle of discourse. He researches the historical linkage of modern rationality, discourse and power, he reveals that modern rational discourse disciplines the insane discourse and sexual discourse. At the same time, Foucault also uses his discourse theory in literature and painting's critical practice, which subverts the autonomic aestheticism aesthetics discourse of modern western aesthetics. Foucault's discourse theory broadens the horizons and fields for the study of linguistics and semiotics, and infundes new research methods. This paper will try best to systematically card and research the Foucault's discourse symbols. So this paper will divide into five parts in order to illuminate Foucault's discourse semiotics aesthetics thought, after introduce the life and thoughts origin of Foucault in the preface.The first part mainly focuses on"The order of Things"introducing Foucault's discourse symbols theory——episteme, and to illuminate the episteme of three periods from Renaissance to modern times, which was carded by Foucault. All of this tries to reflect different relations between words and things in different period and episteme.The second part is from man's born, man's death and Nietzsche's "the God of death" foreshadows Foucault's "man's death" three aspects, to analyze the discourse subject theory of anti-rationalism and anti-humanism which"The order of Things"shows.The third part is Foucault's discourse analysis theory. This part illuminates the following aspects——the concept of discourse, discourse practice and the discourse practice of archaeology of knowledge, tries to show that Foucault's discourse theory subverts the traditional linguistics.The forth part is Foucault's discourse power theory. The combination of discourse and power is a vivid characteristic in Foucault's discourse theory . This part mainly focuses on dissertating Foucault's discourse power from three aspects——the control principle of discourse, rational discourse against insane discourse and the productivity of discourse of power.The fifth part is the critical practice of Foucault's discourse semiotics aesthetics. Foucault is not satisfied with the theoretical research, he also put his discourse symbols theory to analyze painting and literary creation. This part through Foucault discussing the novel, announcing the death of the literary creative subject, illuminating the painting"Las Meninas","The Image of the Rebel","The Dual Temptation", which reflects Foucault's discourse symbols theory is apply for aesthetics criticism.The last part in the paper is conclusion. This part mainly definitizes Foucault's discourse theory is semiotics, and elaborates the value of Foucault's discourse symbols theory and its influence on Western and China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foucault, Episteme, Discourse, Man's death, Discourse practice, Discourse Power, Discourse criticism
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