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The Study Of Real Estate Appraisal

Posted on:2002-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032452108Subject:Business management
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Real estate appraisal is a result of development of market economy. Real estate appraisal solves a core of marketrice. It is important to foundation & development of socialist market economy. As an offset of appraisal, Real estate appraisal is more complicated than other property appraisal Because of the characteristic of real estate. Especially after the reforming of land system & housing system, the market of real estate had changed greatly. The function of traditional factors of price is weakening. Meanwhile, some new factors appeared one after another. They would change the emphases of real estate appraisal in the future. Based on status of the market of real estate, the essay analyzes price factors and appraisal approach of real estate, and sums up the intangible factors such as human, intelligent, brand. In the end, the essay puts forth the improving model of real estate appraisal. The essay includes following three parts mostly. Part one: After studying the characters of real estate and price structures. The essay Sums up the main factors of real estate price. Then the essay puts forward the new factors of real estate appraisal. Part two: Studying the appraisal models presently and the difficulty & the emphases of real estate appraisal. The essay discusses the effects of new factor on real estate appraisal. Lastly the essay puts forward the new appraisal formula based on the new factors. Part three: After studying the new factors such as human, intelligent, brand, the essay builds a multilevel index system of factors. Through the FD(Forceecision), the essay set up a mathematic model to weigh the influence of intangible factors in appraisal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real Estate, Appraisal Approach, Intangible Factors, Price
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