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Land Price Assessment Study

Posted on:2004-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y G ShuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122961485Subject:Business Administration
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As the implementation of the new Law of the Land Management, the land market become more and more active, it spurs the Land Appraisal industry developing quickly. Here I use "The Study of Land Price Appraisal" as the title of this thesis, analyzing the theory, method, principal, procedure of the land price appraisal and the use of thereof, to promote the kindly development of this industry. This thesis is composed with 5 chapters, about 35,000 words totally.Chapter 1 is the introduction. The studying purpose, studying significance, the studying method and thinking are described here.In Chapter 2, analyzing the basic theory and influenced factors of the land price, the ordinary tenet of the land price appraisal. Announce that the land price is the reflection of the economic price of land, it's the cost to get the right of income of land.In Chapter 3, the principal, method and procedure of the land price appraisal are analyzed. The common principal of land price appraisal include the Replacing Principal, the Income Principal, the Most Efficient Use Principal, the Demand and Supply Principal and so on. There are totally five methods for land appraisal. They are the Market Comparison Approach, the Income Approach, the Cost Approach, the Land Datum Value Method and the Residual Method.In chapter 4, the appraisal cases are analyzed. At first, introduced the Technical Report of Land Appraisal and the Result Report of Land Appraisal. Then the author analyzes the use of the principal, the method and procedure of land price appraisal.In chapter 5, I give out my suggestion for the determining of the appraisal price of land. The success of this thesis: (1) Give out the overall and systematicstudy of the land appraisal theory, principal, and procedure. (2) In the case, introduce the use of the theory, principal, method and procedure; give out the samples of appraisal report; they can be used as references in land price appraisal. (3) Give out the suggestions for the determining of the appraisal price of land.
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