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The Economic And Social Development In Shengpu

Posted on:2002-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032452171Subject:China's modern history
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China抯 rural modernization has always been a heated topic in I academic circle and political field. China抯 rural economy has developed into various patterns due to the differences in natural environment, geographic characteristics, social factors between areas, for example, Southern Jiangsu Pattern? Pearl River Pattern?and 揥enzhou Pattern? No pattern is better than others are. Whether a pattern can make full use of local resources or not is the criteria to judge if it is appropriate and effective. Shengpu Town, though located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, adopts a pattern different from Southern Jiangsu Pattern? Headed by a large Multinational Cooperation, its economic pattern urbanizes its social and economic structures at a high speed. This mode is called ?Shengpu Pattern? Studies on this new pattern are of great academic and social significance. This thesis discusses the economic and social development in Shengpu Town comprehensively from angles of history, economics of development, politics and sociology. In the introduction part, the author introduces related theories, methods and objects, and conducts a literary review of previous studies in this field. The second part introduces the history of development of Shengpu Town. In this part, the author believes that Shengpu Town抯 development in agriculture functions as the base for 2 Abstract The economic and social development in Shengpu local economic and social development. The third part discusses Shengpu抯 industrialization. The author points out that foreign-funded -~ enterprise Jingguang Group is the pillar in Shangpu抯 economy. The fourth part discusses the Shengpu抯 development in tertiary industry, and the fifth part discusses Shengpu抯 urbanization and comments on 揝hengpu Pattern? 揝hengpu Pattern?offers a glimpse of the changes in China抯 rural economy and society. Its dependence on international capital to some extent is the major reason for its advancement and fragility at the same time. Therefore, government should attract foreign capital via various channels, give priority to local economy and mitigate risks; thus a regional sustainable development can be achieved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shengpu, small town, rural development, and modernization
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