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The Research Of Shengpu Town Neighborhood Committee Human Resource Management And Development

Posted on:2016-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The relocation of community is an inevitable result of industrialization and urbanization, also an universal phenomenon of economic transition. With the rapid development of Suzhou Industrial Park, the shengpu town achieved its first relocation and village turned into neighborhood community. It’s also one of the first towns which finished the relocation and village turned into neighborhood community within Suzhou municipal area. At the end of 2012, Suzhou Industrial Park Administration Committee modified its township administration system and Shengpu town was turned into a subdistrict community. How to enhance the community building and administration, to make it comprehensively blend into the urbanization and modernization, to transform and upgrade the relocation community to urban community step by step, these are the key problems which the shengpu subdistrict community has to face. During the course of that, a administration team with high-quality will take a key role. This article based on human resource management and development theory, made a rounded analysis of the gap between the available manpower structure, quality, capability, and performance and the real community development requirement. The article also point out some deficiencies like the unreasonable personnel structure, position competency insufficiency, low stuff quality, and performance management system unsound. In the end the article put forward its targeted schemes like: to clear and definite the duty of the community post, to orient oneself, to better the training and management of the community administration team, to carry out the comprehensive performance and management system, to further perfect the salary administration and make rational use of resource, to give full play of the team’s ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:relocation community, community administration team, human resource management and development
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