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The Theoretical Analyses And Realestic Thought Relveant To Household Saving Transform Into Investment

Posted on:2002-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P H TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032455707Subject:Industrial Economics
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Today, the serious problem of our national economic development is: the speed of economic growth slows down; lack of valid demand, the market is dull and the investment is hard to start. On the other hand, the household saving deposit increases quickly. The number of total saving deposit breaks through the limit of 6,000,000 million by the end of January 2000, but it can hardly be changed into investment. Modem economic says: Saving is the fountain of investment and investment is the motive power of economic growth. During the period when the circuit and distribution of our national income has been reformed largely, household has become the largest behaviors body of national saving. Promoting household saving transform into investment and pulling the economic growth is the focus of our national economy. Household saving transform into investment is actually a mechanism of capital form or circulate funds, it is the primary force of our national economic growth. Under the condition that saving body and invest body is relatively separate, household saving transform into investment mainly rely on the saving-investing mechanism which the bank is the leading factor and plays a important role in promoting our national economic growth, especially for the development of financial enterprises. With the economic growth and the financial reform deepen, this mechanism faces many practical trouble. Establishing the new mechanism of household saving-investing transform and improving the transform efficiency has profound realistic meaning. As a result, the thesis takes Chinese household saving and investment situation as its back ground, analyses the risk and abuse of traditional mechanism, put forward reasonable idea about the transform mechanism. In addition to, this thesis deeply analyses the meanings of household saving transforms into investment for the economic growth mode shift, explains the institution innovation be of great immediate significance to the household investment's development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Household saving, Household investment, Transform mechanism, Institution innovation
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