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The Research Of Theory And Application On Quality Audit

Posted on:2002-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032956984Subject:Industrial Engineering
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Audit is an advanced technique of quality management that was appeared by the end of 20th, the background of which is that the competition hi the commodity social is getting severity and the CI(Corporate Identify) which focus on corporations has been faced challenge, but the CS(Customer Satisfaction) is getting to the leading station, hi some advanced corporations, for pushing the CS100(Customer Satisfaction 100%) they need a new quality management which can check then- own passed products by the positions and requirements of customers, then improve their product. Audit is meeting this requirement now.At present, Audit is only applied by few automobile corporations so the opened information of Audit is very infrequent.. It has not extended to other the enterprises that are suit to the Audit The purpose of this paper is to constitute the Audit measure fitting for the exercise of corporation through the analysis of Audit and other relation quality theories, then validate the Audit theory and method by tapping the prototype and practice.The main works finished and results achieved in this paper are as follows:Fust, according to the research on the concept of quality, mis paper discusses some new concepts for example "surface quality" and "hiding quality". These are on the base of researching several concepts of quality and make the quality control more pertinence. Audit is a theory and measure to improve the "surface quality" by estimating their own product and improving the "hiding quality".Secondly, this paper discusses the methods and steps of Audit by researching the instance in a modern automobile corporation-C company and establishes a "surface quality" estimating-"hiding quality" improving-"surface quality" improving quality management architecture of AuditThirdly, the paper researches the computer management of Audit and Introduces the interface of Audit software.Finally, the paper discusses the moreover expand of Audit and canvasses the combination with Benchmarking and Quality Function Deployment, the foreground of Audit based on computer network.
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