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Monitoring Of Land-Use Dynamic Change For Western-suburb Of Chengtu Based On RS And GIS

Posted on:2003-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062486559Subject:Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering
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Western-suburb is the major expanding-direction of Chengtu urban.Because of the special regional-environment,its land-use has the characteristics as follows: change quickly,the changed-classification is complex and its spacial structure is uncertain. Although Szechwan central organization of Remote sensing has made some small-scaleresearch and analyzing work for Szechwan land-use based on RS in 2000,the research of land-use for this area still be vacant.So,on the basis of some collection of land-use evidences,the author made some research work of land-use dynamic change for this area,and expected that the land-administration of Chengtu can find out some useful information from them.Based on the original data of TM in 1988,1992 and 1998,then after some processing and analysis,the author have the thematic data of land-use by interpretation.On the basis of them,the author made the analysis of land-use for this area based on the spacial analysis of GIS and the method of comparison between result of land-use classification as follows:The method of aggregating analysis,the analysis of urbanization,the analysis of the transformation rate of cultivated land,the analysis of the driving force of land-use change and the sustainable use of land.The conclusions may be demonstrated below:The cultivated land decreases with the patchs fragment;Road spreads radialy surround second-ring road;The urban land expands quickly toward southwest along the major roads and be concentrative.Rural land and industry increse rapidly with dispersing;0thers change slowly.The major driving forces of land-use change in this area are the rapid expansion of urban and rapid growth of population,foreign investment and the development of tertiary industry which was based upon the real estate.According the trendency of land-use change,the author consider that we must insist on the way ofthe sustainable use of land based on protecting the cultivated land.According to the analysis of the land-use change,the author made simulation for the historical land-use change and forecasted the future spacial structure of land-use.
Keywords/Search Tags:Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System, Western-suburb of Chengtu, Land-use, Dynamic change, Monitoring
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