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The Study Of Land Use Dynamic Change And Driving Factors In Yan'an Suburb Under The Support Of GIS

Posted on:2004-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092491601Subject:Physical geography
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The study on land use change and its driving factors is the frontier question of geographic research. It studies mainly the influence functions that nature motives and mankind activities do to the changes of the Earth system. It is contemporary international geosciences, especially the important content of the systematic research field of the Earth surface layer. Enhancing the research on land resources' changes of quantity and quality has great importance not only to the continual development of regional economy, but also to the safety of human existence environment. As this area connects the city and countryside, receiving the double interference from human and nature, its entironment is very fragile. So we must first control its land use changing laws and its entironment development mechanism, then, analyze its main driving factors, and set up its reasonable land use mode, which will take great meanings to regional sustainable development and its entironment security.This paper regards the suburb of Yan'an city as its study object. The city of Yan'an locates in the loess hills gully area of the north part of Shaanxi province, and it possesses the obvious characteristics of the fragility entironment and the distributing laws in ecology. Another side, as the North sinkiang of the past feudalism dynastic kingdom, it has a long land development history-it is an old farming and pasturing area. Because of its special natural geographical features and as its driving factors of its society, its economic and its politics were complicated and changeable, the land use in Yan'an suburb changed deeply. By means of mathematic statistics and GIS, taking the administrative units, county and town, as statistics objects, the author analyzes its driving factors from its time and space dynamic change of the land use. Then the author brings out some countermeasures for regional land use development. All of those will offer abundant and valuable regional information to the synthesizing research on land use, its reasonable programming and adjusting. At the same time, it is the basic request of improving its entironment instruction and realizing the regional sustainable development.At the beginning of this paper, the author tells us the scientific meaning, research contents, advanced means and development in our country and international of landuse dynamic change. Next the author describes some natural regional characters and its land use brief history related Yan'an suburb's land use, which are all based on Yan'an historical statistical datum.Then with the statistical land datum of Yan'an from 1984 to 2002, this paper explains Yan'an suburb's land use structure, its distribution regulations and changing laws for its quality and quantity in time and in space from macroscopy to microcosm, from landscape orientation to verticalism. In order to probe the radiating intensity of Yan' an center city furthermore, the author divides the suburb into two parts, which are the outer suburb and the inner one, and then compares them with each other for their land use change in details.Next the author probes into the driving factors of the land use change. They includes not only the restriction of the nature policy, but the influences of social economic factors, such as population change, economic development, urbanization and technical development etc. After analyzing them one by one, the author gets the synthesis equations for different year segments with some quantitative analysis by main element and regress means.Finally, the author puts forward some existing problems in its land use. Besides, under the guidance of continual development theory, this paper brings out its detailed ways with an aim of reasonable mode for land use.This research is based on qualitative analysis, supported by GIS technique, and calculated with mathematics statistics means, so its result is more accurate and reasonable. Then the choice of Yan'an suburb, the compare of the land use change between the outer suburb and the inner one and the establis...
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