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The Research Of Land Use Dynamic Change And Driving Force In Yuyang

Posted on:2004-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092991600Subject:Physical geography
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Land use and land cover change(LUCC) is not only the leading edge and hot spot problem of global change study, but also the important content of sustainable development research. In the world, by promoting abundant scientific researches, we have made a great progress in its theory, methods and technologies.Owing to the old agriculture Great Power, China has long history of land development and various types of land use and land cover. LUCC research of China has become the importance constituent of international global environment change study. Therefore, it will be of crucial important to make the deeper researches on China' s LUCC.Situated in Yulin city of Shaanxi, Yuyang is not only the transition area between Maowusu desert and loessial plateau, but also typical zone of ecologic weakness and sandstorm transition and agriculture-herd interleave. In a long term, it is the unreasonable land use structure and extensive land management that cause the retrogression of the land qulity and the decrease of land output.By means of CIS, taking Yuyang as the research sample region, the paper, from three levels of urban area, suburb and outer suburban district, anlayzes the present land use, change event as well as driving factors. According to the questions of land use, the author raises some suggestions for the sake of the land sustainable development. In conclusion, this paper supplies typical case analysis for the agriculture-herd interleave and sandstorm transition area in our country.This paper can be divided into six parts:Part one: Preface. Based on the domestic and international study progress , this part expounds the study contents, the study methods and models, the development tend and the study meaning. It also explains the study value of land use change in Yuyang.Part two: The natural situation and socioeconomic condition of Yuyang.Part three: Analysis of the present land use in Yuyang. This part not only analyzes the present land use and the land use subarea , but also summarizes the use characters and problems of land resource.Part four: Study on land use dynamic change in Yuyang suburb. This part analyzes the area, space and quality change of land use in Yuyang suburb between 1988 and 2001.Part five: Analysis of the driving factors and tendency forecast of land use dynamic change. Basing on the driving forces, this part puts forward a kind of new modal to explain the driving force.Part six: Solution and countermeasure for land sustainable use in Yuyang.Because of the natural environment intergrade, ecosystem frangibility and culture factors complexity, Yuyang has become the hot spot region of land use and land cover change study. Thus the thesis itself possesses strong operation significance. Furthermore, based on the qualitative analysis, the theses use quantitative estimates methods, for example, mathematical statistics methods, land use dynamic variation models, correlation analysis and regression analysis methods, in order to advance the researchful precision and comparability. In the end, the author tries to find the regularity of resuls and express them.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yuyang suburb, land use dynamic change, driving factors, sustainable use
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