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Research On Building Of Enterprise Core Competence System

Posted on:2003-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062980812Subject:Business Administration
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Globalization makes enterprises compete more and more vehemently, it is every enterprise's goal to strengthen self-competence, acquire competitive advantage, and so to obtain & keep long-term leadship. Howerver, different theories, among which the representatives are Theory of Classic Operation Strategy & Theory of Environment ( Industry ) Analysis, offer different answers to the question: how to reach the goal. Practice Indicates that the two theories cannot explain why many enterprises succeed and others fail exactly. Entering 90's, Theory of Core Competence, which is based on enterprise recources, gets more and more recognition, and it is becoming a new direction for enterprise competence research and operation strategy research.On studying theory of core competence, the author brings forward a new concept & subject called core competence system, which supplements and modifies the original concept core competence. The core competence system constructed in this thesis is based on the theory of core competence, and takes market theory & capital operation theory as methodology, and uses mathematics model as evaluation instrument, and supplemented with application analysis. So it is a integrated theory system.Basing on introducing contents of core competence system, the author advances integrated theory of how to foster enterprises core competence in the thesis, and how to build the system, which will be sure to offer directions and give references to enterprises which are to build the system. Evaluation of core competence system is some of subjectivity, how to build a scientific & objective system of evaluation is a subject worthy of studying. Obscure mathematics evaluation model put forward in the thesis is just an attempt. Theory of core competence is not yet matured, there are many aspects need further studying, especially the two above-mentioned, their significance isobvious.In the thesis, the author also analyses some industries' core competence which is the system's application in practice, the conclusion is only a reference to readers. Demonstrations of cases indicate that it is essential and significant for enterprises to build core competence system.
Keywords/Search Tags:competitive advantage, core competence system, competence, core competence
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