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The Economic Analysis Of The Policy Of The Transformation Of Obligation To Section

Posted on:2003-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065950672Subject:Political economy
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China economic reform that began the forming of 1979's spring , arrive the present to have already steered 22 years. The present reform has already arrived in the key time, is also contra to easily change of all change. Now present out of is the most difficult subject of the amount. Along with our country business equities relation of gradually clear and the country business reform into deep, the horizon of the country enterprise indebtedness is more and more higher ;At the same time, the bad loan quantity that state-owned trade bank is concerned with is up in the scale .These subjects more and more suffer china people with the concern of the world people, and as well the obstruction of our country's reform of fineness in-depth as the baffling of our country economic development. 'resolution for some and important problem of state-owned business reform and development.' that had been passed in the fourth whole meet of 15th boundary of the party for the problem of state-owned business obligation to propose the new way of thinking ' state-owned bank wedges into concentrating to handle the bad assets, for the part of state-owned business whose products having the market, who having evolving the foreground, who subject to indebtedness the over weight but sink into the hell in order to settle business indebtedness rate super higher .' .Thereupon, scribed our country to formally begin the transformation of obligation to section into practice, hence four Assets Management Corporation were established one after another. Here and in front and back, economic school field of our country steered a lot of searches about the transformation of obligation to section, and propose to many different standpoints and a sum of notion. This thesis is for the practice direction with the socialism market economy school ,is with the sufficient economic analysis for the foundation, is on the foundation of the summary of the transformation of obligation to section of experience abroad ,and analyze the risk of obligation, the condition, the game theory of the transformation of obligation to section , and further propose the corrective actions of the transformation of obligation to section in our country.The full text is made up of four parts : part one ( first chapter, second chapter) imprimis , analyzed the reasons about the rate of state-owned business indebtedness to increase in our country.(a) the reform of finance-pass-loan since the 80s interim keep the close correlation with the rate of state-owned business indebtedness to increase ,that the reform of state-owned corporation finance method since the 80s interim is obviously and first in the reform of the state-owned business system, under the hypothesis that the state-owned business system and its management mechanism were without the material alterations, took the lead in facilitating the capital-management mode's reform, and therefore kindled a series of problems. This is just surface reason of the rate of state-owned business indebtedness to increase. (two)state-owned business profit ability is bad, and appear payment of interest that is in net finance loss. Namely business proceeds with tax before paying the interest has the scarcity to pay the interest charge. Along with the interest not to pay increasing, business indebtedness rate is more and more higher . State-owned business performance is low , still keep the strong capability to enlarge investment at the same time. Business investment over ego reasonable accumulation lead to the level of the indebtedness rate more higher, and the investment is primarily a loan from state-owned bank. (three)the inner management structure of state-owned business is beyond reason. Next in order, analyzed the reason of a sum of bad assets that the state-owned bank formed.( 1) our country in a long term had the implementation of the system of administration arrangement ,namely that the polity in all levels presided the examination and approval of the investment scheme, that the polity have the authoritative mobilization capab...
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