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The Research On The Cost--Profit & Pricing Of Human Capital Investment----Evidential Analysis On Human Capital Pricing In Western Region

Posted on:2003-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092466003Subject:Industrial Economics
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Under the circumstances of ever increasing global economic development and economical competition, many economists and researchers discovered from documents and data of example that the effects of economic quality related connotative variations have been playing more and more important roles in the quantitative change of increase in economy. Except for those we have already known, the connotative factor revealed by economists is the human capital. As a result, researchers from all over the world have emphasized researches on human capital again since the middle of the 21st century. With the development on the human capital, concept of human capital's cost and analysis of cost-profit is very important on evaluating human capital.With the ever increasing development in our country's economy, the effects of human capital on economy has been already realized by Chinese economists and are gradually becoming key research subjects. The evaluation of human capital becomes the principal problem due to the underdevelopment of human capital market in our country. We found that most of these research mainly focused on nature of human capital and the importance of human capital play a role on economic development, but few people analysed especially about how to evaluate the cost and profit of human capital.In this paper, the effects of invest cost profit on the feasibility analysis of human capital investment has been discussed in detail. This discussion is based on the general principle of human capital, assets property of human capital and cost profits of different investment methods of human capital. According to the capital assets pricing model, a theoretical model of human capital pricing has been established by analyzing quantitatively the value of human capital. Meanwhile, facing the opportunity of large scale development of western district and considering the existence of the serious contradiction between the shortage of human capital and economical development in western district, a specific pricing model for analyzing human capital in western district has also been established on the basis of research works on human capital in that area. The establishment of this model is of great theoretical and practical importance not only in the consummation of regional human capital pricing theory but also in keeping and increasing the value of the existing storage of human capital in western district. To conclude, we will face the pressure to deepen the scope of the economic reforms and entering the WTO. The results of this study have implication for obtaining the economic development in west region that the west should not simple cope the experiencesof the east. It is not so easy to achieve economic frowth only through foreign investment, advanced technology and material capital. The writer think the key point of capital accumulation changed from material to human capital, which is the new explanation of the force for economic development in the west. Therefor, we predict that human capital pricing model will stimulate forming and encouragement investment mechanism on human capital in west region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human capital, Human capital pricing, Capital assets pricing model, Western region
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