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A Study On The Human Capital Pricing Of The Learning-type Corporation

Posted on:2005-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152468663Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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21st century is the century of learning-type society construction. The construction of learning-type society must be based on the widespread establishment of learning-type organization. As the cornerstone of the society, corporations must be turned into the learning-type ones first. In this knowledge-based economy era, human capital plays a more and more significant role. In order to establish a learning-type society and learning-type corporations, it is necessary to do some theoretical research on the human capital management of the learning-type corporations. In view of the backward reality of capital salary pricing idea, combined with the current practice of learning-type corporation construction, using comparative method, rule analysis, dynamic and static analysis, qualitative and quantitative analysis, this article does a certain research and analysis on the capital salary pricing in the human capital management system of the learning-type corporations.In this article, the author analyses the structure features of the learning-type corporation, discusses the human capital management mode that is aimed at the personnel development, explores the thought and way of learning-type corporation work design, studies and reflects on the changing pattern of the human capital life cycle, points out the peculiar changing pattern of the human capital life cycle of the learning-type corporation that comes up in the time of knowledge economy, improves the theory of humau capital life cycle, precisely draws the picture of human capital stock life cycle, depicts the changing pattern of industrial human capital life cycle in learning-type corporations, analyses the influencing factors and features in the capital salary pricing of learning-type corporations, studies the encouraging model of capital salary pricing of learning-type corporations, and systematically analyses the system index and aggregate control of the human capital salary cost of the learning-type corporation.Starting from the knowledge sharing model and value calculating method, the article discusses the knowledge tree model of the learning-type corporations, reassesses the determination of the encouraging salary of the knowledge contributor in the knowledge salary formula, discusses the human capital dynamic comprehensive value index formula and puts forward some revision opinions. Knowledge is obtained through investmant, and some knowledge is obtained through the investment of corporations, and still other knowledge is obtained through other means before they came into the corporation. The price for sharing these different kinds of knowledge is different. The article thinks that the body of investment in the knowledge should be stressed in the study of the encouragement of knowledge sharing, studies the running mechanism of the knowledge sharing encouragement of the learning-type corporation, and points out the salary pricing basis, process, form, and substance.The article compares the traditional and modern salary concepts, points out the shortcomings of the traditional salary concept, discusses the creative salary concept and pricing principle that learning-type corporations should have, and points out the basic thought of the human capital salary pricing of the learning-type corporations.The article studies the basis of the human capital salary pricing, points out the thought, content, method and procedure of the dual examination of the human capital quality and achievement of the learning-type corporations, designs a dynamic examination management process based on the thought of rolling plan management, establishes a dynamic examination process for the rolling plan management, discusses the salary pricing model for managing personnel and technical personnel of the learning-type corporations, creatively designs a salary pricing plan based on personnel examination combined with personnel capability development of the learning-type corporations, and does authentic research combined with the human capital management practice of corporation M which...
Keywords/Search Tags:Learning-type Corporation, Human Capital pricing, Knowledge Sharing, Capability Development
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