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Research On Pricing Mechanism Of Human Capital In Public Sector

Posted on:2012-03-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116330335457060Subject:Labor economics
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"More in civil service exam" is a social problem with relation to employment and others, which not only affects the vital interests of different families and various graduates, but also touches the affairs, such as allocation of human resource and accumulation of human capital in the whole society. Based on the starting, the key question in this paper is to commit an objective analysis of human capital pricing mechanism of public sectors in China, that is, to tell some "stories" of human capital price determining in public sectors.Under vested interests and reverse thinking of "why growth with disease", carrying out the thought of systems and strategies, using methods of comparison, game theory and others, following the paths which from macro to micro and from static to dynamic, we explored the reaction process to define human capital price, then found some phenomenon which "is interesting but easy to be ignored" and analysized its advantages and disadvantages, at the same time, did a deep exploration about internal mechanism "to deal with the drawbacks". Therefore, the human capital pricing mechanism in public sectors was brought out in the whole with beginning of "more in civil service exam". The study was started from society problem and done combining theoretical learning and practical observation, which might be give some inspiration for theory thinking and practical work.With research, there are three major conclusions:first, human capital price in public sector include inside and outside interests of system, which determine the flow of human capital, and the gain cost of outside interests are lower in public sector. Second, the outside interests are based on the implement of the inside system, and maintain and increase the vested interests. Third, there are some human capital markets in public sectors, which tell the level of human capital, and continuous accumulation and making performance is the key to have a competitive advantage and gain a victory in the game.Some innovations or better practices are showed in study. (1) On basic concept of human capital price, introducing outside interests, then we can clarify some vague understanding and have higher interpretation accuracy. (2) On the scope of analysis perspective, beginning with dual-systems, we take inside interests and outside interests together to search vested interests. And we reveal the competition game's "mysteries" from statics and dynamics. (3) On the basic thinking paths, we propose and embody the idea of "watch from macro and do in details" in study, that is, we see and control the problems with wide prospects, and make an analysis layer by layer from macro to micro until sovle them completely.Although having some progress, then there are more issues to do with. For example, with the background of income distribution reform, how to make better use of "step phenomenon" to promote the positive incentives and reduce the negative effects; how to organize the different parts of human capital price in public sectors, especially how to rule the local subsidies and allowances; what do the wage systems change and how to deal with the problems in performance related pay reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human resource, Human capital, Public sector, Human capital pricing, Human capital market
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