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Research And Application On Engineering Project Management System In Manufacturing Informationization

Posted on:2003-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092466052Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With China having been joined in WTO and the foreign enterprises being to enter Chinese market, it is recent focus of whole society that how Chinese enterprises should face such kind of competitions and challenges. Under such kind of situation and trend, all enterprises have the aid of the high and new techniques to reform themselves.The infromationization of enterprises has become the theme of E management of 21th century, it is also the right choice for the enterprises to strengthen their own competition power and join in the international cooperation and reunite the enterprises' resources. However, when such kind of promotion brings the considerable economic benefits to the enterprises, the great reforming risks are also brought to them. Then, the enterprises have to research the new management mold, and to reduce such risks to the buttom line. In this thesis, the management mold of international fashional project has been had the aid , and the production field 's infromationization project has been studied and researched, then a kind of basing on the Manufacturing field 's project management mold has been raised. On the basement of deep understanding the thought of project management, the traditional project management mold is analyzed, and the advantages and disadvantages are pointed out, and stood on the background of infromationization in Manufacturing , the project management mold in the production field is inquired, and the corresponding management mold is set up. As a works project, the infromationization of enterprises has its own inner characters. The applicable project management system in the productive infromationization works is set up ,totally planned and designed, its operating process is analyzed, and the corresponding organization mold is set up, at the same time, the function model for project management system is put forward .It's a kind of long-cycle, large-investment, high-risk project to launch ERP in a firm, based on both internal and external environment of the enterprise, this paper analyses the risk in the enforcement of ERP, establishes a risk assessment system and put forward a synthetical assessment method of ERP; Secondly, it makes a deep analyses on risk identification ,risk analysis ,risk estimation and evaluation ,and risk management. In the end , this theory is applied to Feasible research at the beginning of the ERPproject in Chang'an Mobile Group. At the same time , it has become the important part of project investment and decision-making, national capital acquiring ,and project layout .
Keywords/Search Tags:Manufacturing,Informationization Engineering, Project Management, Risk Analysis and Management
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