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Trade In Services Type Theory

Posted on:2004-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122475919Subject:International Trade
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According to the Dynamic Theory of Comparative Advantage, international mobility of technology is able to change comparative advantage. Intellectual property is being attached importance to increasingly by every country in the world, as popular presence of technology. They not only perfect domestic protection system of intellectual property, but also actively participate in the establishment of international protection system of intellectual property.The intellectualization is not reversed tendency to international trade. The intellectual property which has become a integral part of international trade is sticking out increasingly in this field. However, it lacks studying relationship between international trade and intellectual property in contemporary international trade system. For this part, this thesis, based on the Theory of Property, explains the relationship between trade in service and intellectual property. The introduction to concept of trade in intellectual-property-based service lays stress on the status and function of intellectual property in trade in service. In consideration of the relationship, this thesis brings up a series of tactics and counter-measures to develop China's trade in service by intellectual property.This thesis consists of four chapters.In Chapter One, it makes introduction to basic knowledge on trade in serviceand intellectual property and describes important agreements in these two fields--GATS and TRIPs.In Chapter Two, on the basis of the Theory of Property, it analyzes the relationship between trade in service and intellectual property and also discusses the function of intellectual property in trade in service and conflicts hereof with trade in service.In Chapter Three, it presents China's contemporary conditions and defects in the protection of intellectual property.In Chapter Four, combined with China's present facts, it puts forward strategy and specific counter-measures to develop China's trade in intellectual-property-based service.
Keywords/Search Tags:trade in intellectual-property-based service, The Theory of Property, GATS TRIPs, protection of intellectual property
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