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The Reform Problematical Research Of Foreign Trade System After Enter WTO In China

Posted on:2004-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since China adopted the policy of reform and opening -up to the outside world, our country's foreign trade and economic cooperation has been developed rapidly. The inter-dependence between China's economy and the world economy has been deepened. Foreign trade and economic cooperation has become an importance driving force to the economic and social development in China. The reform of China's foreign trade regime has been conducted with the process of opening-up to the outside world. Since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Party Congress, the foreign trade regime has broken the model of a planned economy and reform had been undertaken in line with requirements of a socialist market economy. Great achievements were made after continuous exploration that gave great impetus to the healthy development of foreign trade and economic cooperation.The guiding principles for China's foreign trade and economic cooperation system are Marxism and Deng Xiaoping theories. The primary stage of socialism is the starting point and basic theory for the reform of foreign trade regime. With the progress of width and depth in opening-up and reform of overall economic system, the reform of foreign trade regime has experienced several major stages. By reviewing the historical process in reform the foreign trade regime, one could see a clear track that the reform of foreign trade system parallels with the gradual process of reforming the national economy and expending the opening-up.China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, which will have an overall impact on the social and economic development in our country. The impact on government organizations will be to the most extent. Since the basis of market economic in China is rather fragile and the market economy system is yet to be perfected, there is a gap between the present foreign trade system and the requirements of WTO. Moreover, the current foreign trade does not fulfill the practical requirements of China to participate in international competition. Therefore, it is necessary to reform the foreign trade regime accordingly, which will pose substantial impact to the foreign trade administration.It is important for government organizations to grasp opportunities and face up the challenges after China's accession to the WTO. The government is the main body in entering the WTO. It is the undertaking and executing agencies to enjoy the rightsand perform obligations. In order for China's foreign trade regime to adapt to the new situation in China economic development and opening-up, it is a must for the government to adjust and transform its administrative functions effectively.
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