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The Research On Enterprise's Sustainable Developmentand System Of Evaluation

Posted on:2003-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S D LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092970413Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The background of the sustainable development becoming the ages's topic,and crossing century of enterprises facing to variety of environment,so the enterprise's life continuously shorten,and how the enterprise realizes to survive over a long period of time and not todie-sustainable development is the enterprise facing to thechallenge .The thesis research the theories of enterprise's sustainable development and its system of evaluation,on the base of theories about sustainable development.The thesis applicates the thought of sustainable development into the theories of the enterprise's sustainable development and system of the enterprise's evaluation.The thesis completely summaries and generalizes the concept and meaning of the enterprise's sustainable development,argues the possibility of the enterprise realizing to sustainable development,and bring up the new definition of enterprise's sustainable development,established definition theories model.On the base of scholar and expert's research,the author analysis the regulation of enterprise's proceeds and development in detail,and established the function of the enterprise's sustainable development. Passing model research of sustainable development system,the author established enterprise's sustainable development model and enterprise's Management model which is base of concept of the resources ability.of sustainable development.Theoretical research of the enterprise's sustainable development is to provide the theories' basis for actual application. On the base of researching the theories of the enterprise's sustainable development,the thesis established validity,viable and having the ages features,the index sign system of the enterprise's sustainable development's evaluation,which includes three aspect-sustainable development's ability,sustainable development's coordination and the enterprise's support of exterior environment. The enterprise'ssustainable development's ability is the evaluation of the enterprise's succeed development,using method of ability index;The enterprise's sustainable development's coordination is the evaluation of the enterprise's accomplishment and performance,using method of the grade misty;The enterprise's support of exterior environment is the macroscopic support evaluation of the enterprise's development,using the method of EFE and using "property -Hability" to analysis the enterprise's advantages ans disadvantages .The thesis has important theories meaning and actual meaning to the enterprise to realize sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:the enterprise's sustainable development, sustainable development ability, sustainable development's coordination, support of exterior environment, "property-liability
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