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Study On Strategies Towards Taiwan Issue Of Chinese Communist Party

Posted on:2004-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092993643Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Taiwan issue has been in a dynamic developing process from its very beginning. The C.P.C.(Communist Party of China), keeping pace with the times, have made continual readjustments of the strategies towards Taiwan issue and put them into practice. From 1949 to today, the C.P.C., in order to protect people's fundamental interests, has freed itself from the mode of revolutionary war and transformed the strategy of "liberating Taiwan with force" into "peaceful reunification" , indicating that the C.P.C has been seeking the resolution ways which are to prevent people across strait from getting losesThe strategy evolving process of C.P.C. towards Taiwan issue can be divided into three periods. The first period, which can be further divided into two parts by the Korea war, is from 1949 to the middle of 1955. Before the Korea war, Taiwan was only regarded as one of the coastal islands that would be liberated and was treated as one task of the whole liberation war. Therefore, the strategy of "liberating Taiwan with forces" and crossing strait military actions were adopted. Taiwan issue was interfered by certain international forces after the Korea war. Under the situations that some anti-China forces wanted to separate Taiwan from China and there were constant fights between the PLA and KMT, the C.P.C. continued the previous strategies and took military actions again. Though those efforts didn't realize its original goal because of the great distance of strength between the two sides, these military actions, having contributed a lot to the coastal defense and the international reputation of China, had warned the international forces that wanted to interfere the affairs of China and provided a better improved international situation for the national construction.The second period is from the middle of 1955 to the end of 1978. Considering the eased-off international tension, the needs of national construction, the changes of mainland policy made by Taiwan authorities and the deepening contradiction between U.S. and Taiwan, the C.P.C. readjusted and transformed the strategies towards Taiwan into "liberating Taiwan peacefully" . The C.P.C. made the policy of "centered with peace, assisted by force" and did a lot of carefulworks. Unfortunately, Taiwan issue, interfered by the international anti-China forces and the incorrigible obstinate state of Kuomintang authority and the "left-deviationist" mistakes of C.P.C., remained unsolved again. However, those efforts have won the supports of the people of the world, pinned down the actions of the international anti-China forces and provided a peaceful keynote for the later resumed talk and a basic frame for the concept of "one country, two systems" . The third period is from the end of 1978 to the present. Under the current situation where peace and development remains the themes of our era, the C.P.C., conforming to the trend of the times, respects the fact of Taiwan issue, establishes the strategy of " peaceful reunification" and enriches its content. During this period, the C.P.C.tried every means to communicate with Taiwan and the dawn of peaceful reunification ever appeared. But due to the changes of international situations, the strengthening of the international anti-China forces, the changes of political conditions of Taiwan and some technical errors led to the unsettled situation of Taiwan issue today. Today, the C.P.C. persists this strategy, which is readjusted into " offensive by the pen and defensive by the sword " , and firmly seizes the initiative during the process of solving Taiwan issue.Based on the observation on the strategies of C.P.C. towards Taiwan, the writer carefully analyzed the necessity of strategies taken by C.P.C. and its implementation. The analysis of the causes for some failures of this period and some personal ideas were presented. For example, the writer, not from the viewpoint of analyzing the reasons for the failure of a particular battle, stated that the strategy of " liberating Taiwan with forces " didn' t realize its original...
Keywords/Search Tags:The C.P.C., Taiwan issue, strategy and practice, anticipation of the future, reunification of China.
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