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The American Factors In Taiwan Issue

Posted on:2004-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092491581Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The so called Taiwan Issue means all the claims of "Two Chinas" and activities aiming at achieving the "Independence of Taiwan" and destroying the integrity of China's sovereignty and territory, as well as the consequential contradictions and disputes. Taiwan Issue consists of three aspects: firstly, Taiwan Issue is a historical problem from Chinese civil war, and it is a domestic affair of China; Secondly, Taiwan Issue involves in safeguarding the sovereign and territorial integrity, defending national honor, and opposing the foreign interference; Thirdly, Taiwan Issue in nature is the struggle between separation and reunification, and the struggle between independence and anti-independence. The struggle is focused on the struggle between One China and "Two Chinas". The discussion above shows that Taiwan Issue has complicated causes. It connects with the triangular relationship between mainland, America and Taiwan. Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government have been making great efforts to pursue the reunification of China, but yet not succeed. American factor is one of the major causesę¢©he rise of the problem, the dispute at present and the final settlement of Taiwan Issue in future are all closely connected with America. Therefore Taiwan Issue is basically a problem of America. After the return of Hong Kong and Macao to the mainland, Taiwan Issue became more urgent and important since it has changed in nature and has begun to endanger the safety and modernization of China and become an obstacle of Sino-American relationship. Owing to the complexity and danger of Taiwan Issue and the significance of dissolving American factors, the author wrote the thesis.By combining the history and argumentation, the thesis analyzed the causes of the emergence, formation and the development of Taiwan Issue, uncovered the influence and purpose of American's actions in Taiwan Issue and elaborated the means of dissolving American factors. The thesis consists of three parts.The first part discussed the causes of Taiwan Issue from the historical origin, essential cause and the direct cause. American factor is an important cause of the rise of Taiwan Issue while the Taiwan Issue is the most important factor that effects theinSino-American relationship.In the second part, based on adequate historical data, the author analyzed America's actions in Taiwan Issue, demonstrated that America was the troublemaker of Taiwan Issue by interfering the domestic affairs of China and hindering the reunification of China, and revealed the political, economic and ideological causes of America connecting itself with Taiwan Issue.The third part analyzed the necessity and significance of dissolving American factors from a strategic viewpoint, and discusses the means of dissolving American factors.The thesis thoroughly studied the origin and development of Taiwan Issue, especially America's effects on it. The argumentations are all backed by adequate and accurate materials. Above all these, the author raised some original opinions in dissolving American factors. These make up the uniqueness of the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Taiwan Issue, Peaceful Reunification, American factor, Sino-American Relationship
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