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Study On Developing Chongqing Venture Capital System

Posted on:2004-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095456976Subject:Industrial Economics
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As the most young municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the central government, Chongqing is facing the historic opportunity in development of West China. In this big background, it is necessarily that developing the high-tech industry for promoting Chongqing economic development and realizing the reviving of the old industry base. Chongqing has much research production and patent, but a few of them can be applied in real productivity. The main reason is investment shortage. But from middle of 90' s, the financing institution savings deposit increases increasingly, and abundant capital accumulates in bank and can't develop its capital function. How to use capital and how to find an appropriate way to use capital in promoting Chongqing high-tech industry development is important. This paper thinks that developing Chongqing venture capital is a kind of valid way. But why did not develop Chongqing venture capital, the first part of this paper analyses its reason. And via comparing the development of United States venture capital, the development of domestic other municipal that venture capital develops better to the development of Chongqing venture capital, this paper find much important apocalypse.The third part of this paper starts from the present condition of Chongqing venture capital, and it analyses the problems (it primarily is that investment main-body is singularity, capital scale is little, the condition of policy and law is shortage and the exited channel is little) existed in Chongqing venture capital. The paper analyses the indispensability and feasibility of developing venture capital and clarifies that developing venture capital is important to solving capital shortage of Chongqing high-tech industry, bringing up person with ability of Chongqing high-tech industry and venture capital, assimilating social idle capital and solving employment problem. And it analyses that developing venture capital is feasible from some parts of economy circumstance, industry condition, person with ability market, government attitude and successful cases.The four part of this paper discusses how to set up venture capital system of Chongqing. Via setting up frame of venture capital system of Chongqing, mainly include capital body, capital object, rule of law, basic establishment, capital market and agent system, it discovers the model of venture capital system. Based on the above analytic foundation, the paper applies the basic theories of venture capital toanalysis that the circulation mechanism of venture capital system of Chongqing and bringing up the basement of Chongqing venture capital. Later it analyses the function of government in Chongqing venture capital. Based on the analysis and argumentation above, this paper combines the actual circumstance of Chongqing venture capital. And in section 6 of the paper's four-part, it expatiates that how to set up Chongqing venture capital company and Chongqing venture capital fund, and it discusses how to operate, manage and inspect Chongqing venture capital company and Chongqing venture capital fund. Finally, based on the analysis above, this paper puts forward to the countermeasures from the aspects of economy circumstance, rule of law, agent service, information service, property business market.
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