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Study On The Relation Of Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprises And Peasant Household's Interests

Posted on:2004-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095950612Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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China agricultural reform go through 20 more than course of year , make the achievement of world interest, Especially agricultural interests flourishing rise of community develop since the 1990s, It is" the second leap" of the rural economy following family-contract responsibility system. At present, practice of the agricultural interests community is rich and colorful, have achieved great success, But face the innovative problem, among them the innovation of the distribution system of the interests is one of the difficult problems. Research of this text from agricultural relevant theory and domestic and international research and based on the trends practice of industrialization, Through investigating actually, launching along the train of thought of research that the theory and reality combine, Regard bringing about an advance in agriculture and increase peasant's income as the goal, under the modernized great background of rural industrialization, urbanization and national economy, Pass to agricultural community distribution of interests international comparison research and agricultural community distribution of interests mechanism network analysis of current situation of mechanism, Put forward intension, type, form and the rational forms of distribution of agricultural interests community's operating mechanism, Structure and happen agricultural industrialization new-type distribution of interests mechanism in the process and ensure the measure, Make the agricultural development policies for the Party and government, offer the theoretical foundation, advance the normal, orderly, high-speed development that the agricultural community practiced. The paper consists of seven sections: Part one. IntroductionPart two. Basic theory of agro-community benefit distribution relationship Part three. Relation and enlightenment between foreign agriculture-related enterprise and peasant households' distribution of interestsPart four. Agricultural industrialization developing enterprise and enterprise distribution of interests development of relationPart five. Different organization leading enterprise and peasant household distribution of interests positive research of relation of form.Part six. Agricultural industrialization new-type distribution of interests establishment of mechanism in the process.Part seven. Mechanism health operation guarantee measure of the new-type distribution of interests in the agricultural industrialization process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural industrialization, leading enterprise, Interests mechanism
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