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Practice And Consideration Of Ertan Hydropower Station Construction Project Management

Posted on:2004-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122460269Subject:Business Administration
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Under the new economic system, Hydropower investors have been exploring newManagement Mode of Hydropower Project in order to get maximum return ofinvestment. As a participant of Ertan Hydropower Station Construction, the writertry to study some problems under the management practice of Ertan HydropowerStation and discuss how to manage the Hydropower Project better.Ertan hydropower Station is the largest one completed in the 20th century sinceChinese government started to carry out the reform and opening policy. Based on theexperience and lesson of the Hydropower project management under the plannedeconomy system, the managers of Ertan Hydropower Station tried to find out a newHydropower Project Management Mode, which includes several main points asfollows:(1): Undertake the project management based on the enterprise legal person, andunify the project construction with the goal of sustainable business running.(2): Carry out the tender system to choose the contractors and manufacturers by faircompetition to guarantee the quality and schedule of the project and reduce the cost.(3): Introduce FIDIC contract conditions, implement project supervision, set upDispute Review Board, and invite Special Advisory Group, etc.(4): strengthen contract management in order to control the quality, schedule andcost of the project.(5): Improve the fund management to ensure the need for fund will be satisfied inproject construction, and the cost will be reduced, and so on.By reviewing the practice of Ertan Hydropower Station Management and makingsome further study, the writer put forward several points on the management improvement. (1). In the light of benefit driving doctrine, the enterprise legal person, as the dominator of the project management, should be good to unify the project construction management with the future business development goal, and manage the project based on the prediction of the future return. (2). Project Owner should take charge of the whole process of the project, including investment intention, feasibility research, project decision, station design, equipment model, and project construction etc. instead of limiting the management to construction process, since each phase will have an effect on the return of hydropower investment. (3). Legal supervision should be strengthened during bidding process. (4). " Claim" should be included in the contract as an important item, for which is not only an important condition to protect the benefits of the parties, but also the premise to carry out the contract smoothly. (5). During the project management, project cost should be dynamically managed as well as the project budget acts as a controlling measure. (6). Fund management should be an important content of the project management, and fund control will benefit the project construction going on smoothly and reduce the cost of the project.
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