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Food Security Since China's Joinning Into WTO: On Research Of Cultivated Land Protection Policy In Developed Area--A Case Study Of Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2005-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122493180Subject:Land Resource Management
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Agriculture has been strongly interfered by government for a long time. The reason of interference is consist of stability and increasing fanner's income, support food security, support the development of national economy. These reasons are usually analysis on politics and society, not on the economy, especially for China.The problem of food security is the focus of scholar and government usually care. Because of the difference between research method and angle, the viewpoints of scholars are divergent and controversy. The researches at this time are mostly focus on food gross in the range of countrywide. Few people study on the regional policy of food security induced by regional differences. Especially for our country, the environment, economy and people distributing in east, central section and west are divergent, therefore, the policy of food security should be different. Analyzing policy aiming at regional character will be propitious to the cooperation of region and saving the cost of food security, promoting the cultivated land use in reason.Currently, regional food security is important to countrywide food security, especially the developed region. On the one side, developed region is the region that food demand increasing quickly and also the unstable food provide. On the other side, the mode of economy increase in developed region will lead the way for central and western part in our country. If developed region do not be cautious to the problem of food security, it will lead to negative effect on the main food productive region, and affect the level of countryside food security. This paper will study the case of Jiangsu province, setting forth the relation between food security in developed region and rational policy of cultivated land protection.Firstly, this paper analyse the relationship of food security and entry into WTO. On one side it will break the monopoly system of food circulation. On the other hand entry into WTO means reduce tariff and tariff wall. This will make the resources scheme incarnate embody the factor gift and the frame of compare advantage. As for our country, the import of food which is land-dense characterized will rise up, the export of food which islabor-dense characterized such as vegetable and fruit will rise up. This paper will study the concept of food and food security and analyse the impact after entry into WTO, and set forth the relationship of food security and entry into WTO from the aspect of food import and domestic support policy.Secondly, this paper research the relationship of cultivated land protection and entry of WTO. This paper considers that the entry of WTO will lead to import of food. We import food can be equal to import cultivated land. It will optimaize the scheme of cultivated land resourses in word area. This paper starts from the impact of enry of WTO and sets forth the relation of farm product trade, green policy and the system of zoology construction.Lastly, this paper starts from the demonstration and analyse the status of cultivated land resourses and food security. Now Jiangsu province has changed from food provision to food self-support. Adopting grey forecast and Principal Component Analysis research the trend of cultivated land resources and food security. Analyze the factor of food production and computing the demand of food and base-line of cultivated land. At last, bring forward the cultivated land protection policy in developed region after the entry into WTO.
Keywords/Search Tags:entry into WTO, food security, cultivated land protection, green policy, Cultivated land deposit
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