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Research On Channel Management Of Beijing CA-Legend Software Co.,Ltd.

Posted on:2004-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122971636Subject:Business Administration
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According to the statistical data, over 75% products are sold out through channels in our domestic market and channel sale plays a key role here, we can say , the company which has channel is all over the world. However, While the current channel management situation of domestic enterprises is very serious, many enterprises are facing to embarrassing situations: The channel structure is unreasonable, and there exists lots of interior contradicts; The channel manage cost is steadily increasing; The sales organizations are too swollen and ineffective; The above are seriously hampering development of enterprises and diminishing the comprehensive competitive capacity. With the development of market economy and information technology, Especially, regional complexity, product specificity, market particularity and channel variability all make the domestic manufacturers feeling hard with channel management. Channel patter is turning into platform from traditional multiple layer architecture, and channel managerial focus is turning into process instead of result. These changes presents a new challenge to the current channel management, and how to make effective channel management comes to be hot issues for manufactures at present.This paper take Beijing CA-Legend Software Co., Ltd. as an example, according to the situation that establish short little, products lacking market cognition degree, probe into how perfect the channels of the enterprise manage. Through analyzing the question that CA-Legend Software Co., Ltd. exists at present, Combine the application of the channel theory of marketing,analyses on channel design, channel member choose, channel encourage, channel conflict and channel training respectively, with channel mode melts flatly, channel each compression, has put forward the request in prevent to sell goods at will and appreciation channel development for the company. On the basis of using the successful experience of other enterprises for reference, author has put forward some concrete conceptions to perfect channel managerial system of Beijing CA-Legend Software Co., Ltd.Through the researches of this paper, hope have certain reference meanings to small and medium-sized enterprises which lack channel experience of management and begin open up market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Channel Manage, Channel Encourage, Channel Training, Channel Conflict
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