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Research On Marketing Channel Strategy Of FRD Company In Opthalmic Medicine Market

Posted on:2004-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125464006Subject:Business Administration
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Chinese medicine industry, which started at the beginning of last century, have been developing rapidly after China's reformation and opening .The average annual increase rate of the industry is 17%, higher than average national industrial annual increase rate 4.4%. It's also higher than the average annual increase rate of the main medicine-making countries in the world—13.8%. China has become one of the fastest developing global medicine markets. The experts anticipate that Chinese medicine market has surprising increasing potential in the next few years. It will increase by 20% annually. Chinese medicine market will be $24 billion and will become the fifth largest medicine market in the world in 2010.There are plenty of opportunities in the rising industry. But following the reform in medicine system, the competition is becoming severe more and more. Under such circumstances, the specialized and efficient channel is vital for the survival and development of the medical enterprises, especially when there is little difference between the products, price and advertisement. However, the fact shouldn't be ignored is that most domestic marketing channels have inherent shortage. At the same time, the medical enterprises did not pay enough attention to the channels. Otherwise, because of industry control and its specialize, medicine channels have distinct gap in comparison with other industry channels. The author, who has worked in several pharmaceutical enterprises and felt the advantage of successful channel to the development of enterprises, paid close attention to theory and implement of channel. In this article, learning from advanced experience of other industries on channel strategy and management, the author gives some advice on the marketing channel of the typical FRD company in ophthalmic medicine market in view of characteristic of medicine industry, hoping to afford lessons for the channel transform of other medicine enterprises. The article analyses the present situation of FRD, the medicine industry and related industries, combined with the short-term and long-term development strategy and marketing strategy. Then it formulates new channel strategy and mode —building strategic union with nuclear distributions through integration among marketing channels. After readjustment, marketing channels should become core competition power of FRD, which can make FRD develop long and steadily. To execute the readjustment successfully, a feasible plan and control measures are suggested in this article. The article states in detail about the choice of channel members, the channel management, the stimulation and train on channel members, the settlement of channel conflict. At last, the article gives suggestion on the future situation of the FRD pharmaceutical company.
Keywords/Search Tags:marketing channel, channel readjustment, strategic union, channel management, channel conflict
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