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Marketing Channel And Development Trend Of PC In China

Posted on:2003-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092480137Subject:Business Administration
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After 25 years of application and development, greater change on the concept of PC has come forth, while the previous traditional channel mode has started to be gradually collapsing. And the stage we are facing is what a collapsing era means. In the field of business application, the professional channel of PC remains the role of major supplier and facilitator, but traditional PC channel is facing the transit to functional channel, too. In household area, PC channel is also experiencing the change of marketing channel that is brought about by the change on people's mind. Meanwhile, more thoughts and more competitions are brought to channel dealers, too. The changes happened on PC marketing channel carry the meaning that a completely new challenge appears in the new century. Therefore, PC manufacturers and PC dealers need to consider again and lay an overall arrangement for it.This dissertation is divided into three major parts and through which it makes a statement and analysis on the basic status of PC marketing channel in China. At the same time, it makes a study on the development trend of PC marketing channel under the new situation. All of these statement, analysis and study provide necessary suggestions on the transformation of PC marketing channel in China.At first in the first part of the main body of this dissertation-Current Status of PC Marketing Channel, the current status of PC market in domestic is analyzed in the first section. The analysis includes the following aspects: Currently there has been changes over users' needs; Speed of increase for the market begins to slow down; International manufacturers have strengthened the expansion of the market; Overseas PC tycoons have strengthened the expansion of the Chinese market in succession; The status of regional market becomes more important; Adjustment becomes the unanimous choice for all large manufacturers; Service turns into thefocal point of competition; Digitalization of family becomes new drive for household PC, and experience has been the new selling point, etc. In the second section ?The Transformation of Traditional PC Channel in Domestic, the following aspects are analyzed: The appearance of marketing channel levels; Stream splitting of marketing channel members; Flat mode represented by regional channel, and the trend of recombination, etc. It is demonstrated that today the value of traditional channel has fallen to pieces. Therefore, Chinese channel enterprises should actively seek the transformation when facing the challenge of new opportunities. In the third section ?Basic Rules of the Evolution of Traditional PC Channel in Domestic, the following aspects are analyzed in two sides: The first side includes the overall skeleton of the development of channel analyzed from its form; The certain orientation of the evolution of the channel passing through, which mainly consists of the transforming process as the following: traditional direct sales-*combination of traditional direct sales and dealershipæ¢'hannel mode of multi-level dealership-*channel mode of overall, flat multi-channelæ¢'ombination of modern direct sales and short channel梞odern direct sales. The second side includes the analysis on the transformation of channel function from its function.In the second part, through the considering on current status of PC channel in domestic, it is demonstrated that the key to the restructuring of PC channel lies in the management that consists of two ways桹ne way is the management put on the dealer by the manufacturer; The other way is the self-management put on the dealer. The third part mainly include the following aspects: The thinking on channel issue for PC manufacturer in the first section, including the shortage of talents who are equipped with comprehensive qualities; The dealing of the relationship on dividing the work and cooperation for the manufacturer and the dealer; The drive for continuing in growth that is hard to be obtained by extensive management. In the second section, through the thinking on channel deale...
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