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The Research On The Marketization Reformation Of Water-supplying Industry In Tanggu, Tianjin

Posted on:2005-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122987556Subject:Public Management
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Nowadays, more and more attention has attracted to the monopoly of municipal administration communal profession. The wave can not be resisted to break the administrative monopoly and set up regulated competitive market, That are the necessary steps for water-supplying enterprises to develop themselves. By taking the marketization reformation of water-supplying industry in Tanggu for example, The author has researched the necessity, feasibility, legal procedure, operation & management, benefits & risks and administrative supervision, thereby put forward some referable experiences for accelerating the procedure of city's water-supplying industry and even for the marketization reformation of public utility industries as a whole. By applying the theory of the law related to the marketization reformation of state-owned enterprises and some relative theories of both business management and public administration, the author studied objectively the processes of marketization reformation of water-supplying industry in Tanggu and the operation of the new company of joint-venture. This study and experiential advices have covered the organizational structure design, human resources management, business culture building and the un-negligible status and functions that The party organizatoin in a new water-supplying company. With the theory of financial management theory and the approach of quantitative analysis, the author has analyzed the benefits and risks after the marketization, and drown a conclusion that marketization reformation of water-supplying industry in Tanggu will benefit all relative parties including government, society and employees. Besides, by illustrating the marketization reformation of water-supplying industry, the author emphasized that the supervise function of the government should be enhanced on the items of water price, water quality, service and security.
Keywords/Search Tags:water-supplying industry, marketization, administrative supervision
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