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The Green Strategy Of The Industrial Development Of Our Country

Posted on:2005-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122991301Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Industrial civilization has created large amount of material wealth, but also brought a lot of disasters to mankind at the same time, such as pollution, ecological unbalance, scarcity of resources, malignant disease overflowing. All of those make people injured physically and mentally. At the same time, there can be also direct or indirect loss in economy. Besides, the pressure that comes from outside, such as the customers' demand, competition of rivals and the existing green wall barriers in international trade , forces enterprise to seek green development. And profit-chasing motives also make enterprises to develop green industry urgently, for the profit of green products will usually exceed other products of the same kind. Therefore, it seems urgent to make industry developing in the green way and improve both the environment and economy.The green industry of our country just started not long before. Although we have acquired some achievement, the existing conditions are not optimistic. Since productivity level is low, green products cannot be exploited much enough to satisfy customers' demand. Secondly, green products supplied cannot reach the standard they should reach. Green products' possession rate is very low whether in domestic or international markets. It can affect the green process if for the industry of our country there are such problems: The most enterpriseshave not yet paid much attention to this question. They still try to gain large returns for the price of pollution and scarce resources. Productivity utilization rate is low, resulting in the waste of idle resources. Enterprises have not yet set up the social marketing idea of green marketing. Customers' green fashion have not formed, thus it lacks the external motivation of stimulate production; Additionally, government does not support the development of green industry with enough measures.Therefore, the green strategy of the industrial development of our country should be divided into two parts: micro economical subjetives'efforts and macro economical policies. Enterprises should increase research input, increases the development intensity of green product. They should carry out IS014000 and implement clean production. Through establishing reasonable industrial food-chain and realizing the circulating use of resource, establish ecological industrial area and reach the environmental purpose of resource conservation and cleaning and increase returns. Implement perfect green marketing. For external environment, we should set up an effective mechanism both to restraint and stimulate the enterprises to produce green products. We can try to establish a green valuation system of economical returns, which will not only judge the individual behavior for the influence on economy, but also incorporate the influences on environment. Government plays an very important role in the green process. Government not only uses economical, administrative and legal means to put the development of green economies forward, but also uses policies to start, cultivate and normalize markets, and give environmental protection to the market. Guarantied with the mechanism, to play the double role of government and market better.
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