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Chinese Green Business Marketing Strategy Research

Posted on:2001-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360002951730Subject:Business Administration
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The incipience of the human society is in a certain period of ancient agriculture: low level of productivity, few quantity of population, antiquated implement of production. Therefore, the influence of the human behaving is weak to the ecosystem at that time. With the development of the production, the human being immensely has devastated the ecosystem while creating wealth.After the 1980's, the environmental problem of the whole world has newly changed: The environmental problem that transcended the limitation of the region and country was becoming the global problem; the temporary problem transited to the long-term problem; the potential problem has been the overt problem.In the term of the deteriorating situation of the global ecosystem and the strong appeal of environmental protection, the permanent sustained development has become the corporate goal of every country in the world when the human being concurred the view that we possess only one earth in universe. The movement of environmental protection in the whole world has increasingly been spread within twenty years and then the Green Time was concomitant. The 21-century will be the time of environmental protection.Under the background of the present green time, it was inevitable that the environmental problem affects the survival and development of the enterprises. The problem will also make the enterprises face the opportunity of achieving the preponderance of competition when bringing the stress of improving environment to the enterprises.The green surge impacted the modern management and the green conception was deeply embedded in the whole process of product and management. The industrial peculiarity and the development of environmental protection were overridingly analyzed in the thesis. It proposed some concrete strategies of green marketing that the enterprises should adopt.The thesis consists of four chapters.There were several questions expounded in the first chapter of the thesis:Ⅰ.The background of environmental protection. Many accidental affairs promoted people to get concerns with the environment, such as the emergency of the global ecosystem, the extensive pollution, the serious calamities and so on. The industry of environmental protection has rapidly progressed because that it is adaptive to the demand of the permanent sustained survive of the human being. Ⅱ. The environmental protection is the dialectical relationship with the economic development. The sustained survival of the human being never sacrificed the economic development. The beneficially environmental condition takes advantage of supplying the enough resource for the economic development. On the contrary, the economic development supplies the abundant capital and the advanced technology for improving environment.Ⅲ. The conference of environment and development made many countries cooperate for the common goal of improving the ecosystem. The conventions, which were contracted during the conference of environment and development, had become the norms that were abided by many countries. It's the most prominence to the ISO14000 environmental management system in these conventions.Ⅳ.Although the performance was gained during the development of the industrial environmental protection, it's still laggard to compare with the foreign countries. On account of the importance of the environmental protection to the international relationship and the great investment of the Chinese environmental protection, the green commercial opportunity has emerged for the enterprises. Facing the great green market, the Chinese green enterprises are appearing on the horizon.There were several questions and opinions expounded in the second chapter of the thesis:Ⅰ.Green marketing is the Process of Planning and execution of the marketing strategies that the enterprises emphasize the balance of the ecosystem, diminish the environmental pollution, do their best to the frugality of the natural resource for realizing the unity of the benefit between the enterp...
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