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Study Of Extension Methods On Contradictory Problem Of Enterprise Value And Customer Value

Posted on:2005-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122992484Subject:Business management
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Customer relationship management provides advanced management thoughts and information technology for enterprises. It offers a good platform to better enterprises' communication and mutual act ability with customers from thoughts and technologies. However, when enterprises try to pursue customer satisfaction and customer maximum value, it is the same important that they can get their maximum profit. This dissertation, based on achievements of customer relationship management, emphasize on probing into the thoughts and methods of customer value management.Firstly, according to the meaning of value in economics and value engineering, the meaning of customer value and enterprise value are defined and their contradiction is got. Secondly, through establishing extension model and using extension analysis method to analyze on its objectives and conditions, ways of solving the contradictory problem are gained. Thirdly, it applies extension set method to categorize customer resources, and then generates the strategies of upgrading both potent and existing customers' value, which can make company dig more extension customer resources and step up existing customers' energy level to improve its own value further. So the value between enterprise and customers can be balanced and their contradiction can be solved. This dissertation studies customer value management from the point of view of methods. It offers a new formalized way to solve problems and will exert a directive function for enterprises to manage customers effectively.This dissertation applies extension theories including matter-element theory and affair-element theory and extension methods including extension analysis method, extension transformation method, extension set method and optimization evaluation method, which provides solid theory base and formalized methods for solving contradictory problem.This dissertation is part achievements of two projects "Research on Theories andMethods of Extension Strategic-and-Tactical Planning" (No70140003) , which is sponsored by China National Natural Science Funds, and "Conjugate Analysis on Enterprise' Resources and Study of Extension Resources", which is sponsored by Guangdong Province Natural Science Funds (No010049) .
Keywords/Search Tags:customer value, enterprise value, value contradiction, extension analysis, extension transformation
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