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Extension Method Study On Solving Resource Contradictory Problem During Enterprise's Reorganization

Posted on:2004-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D M ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092481828Subject:Business management
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Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs realize that it is hard to adapt the ever increasing competition depending only on themselves. Enterprises reorganization has been the inevitable tendency of rapid expansion. As a developing way, reorganization is rooted in the market economy and is kept perfect with the development of the market economy. Tracking back to its history, reorganization is significant to the survival and development of enterprise, to the developing level and the competing status of social economy, and to the optimization of resource configuration. Based on the theory of Extenics, this paper studies the resources contradiction in the enterprise reorganization by using it's fundamental principle and methods. This paper try to fully understand the enterprise resource status by using conjugation analysis method, to determine the superior resources and inferior resources by analyzing the needed resources of enterprise objective and present resources, to find out the resource contradiction in enterprise reorganization, and then to search and mine out extension resources and reorganization objects by using extension analysis methods and transformation methods, which finally lead to the agreement of all the parties and the final reorganization scheme. This study, meaningful to improve the successful rate of enterprise reorganization, will provide applicable formalized methods to solve the resources contradictory problems in enterprise reorganization. There are three creative aspects in the paper, which is listed as below:1. Fully and systematically analyzes resources of enterprise from eight aspects , i.e., the imaginary and the realistic, the soft and the hard, the latent and the apparent, the negative and the positive by using conjugation analysis method.2. Find out benefic and inferior resources of enterprise by using extension set theory to build up the association function, and build up the extension model of resources contradiction by contrasting the inferior resources to the needed resources.3. Search extension resources by using extension analysis method and Solveresources contradiction in enterprise reorganization by using extension transform methods.This paper is part work of the project "The conjugation analysis of enterprise resources and study of extension resources (No010049)",which is sponsored by Guangdong Province Natural and Scientific Fund.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise reorganization, Extension analysis, Conjugation analysis, Resource contradiction, Extension transformation
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