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On Government Image And Its Molding

Posted on:2005-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the age of public administration, what image should a government erect is a problem of management as well as ethics. This passage, divided into three parts, tries to analyze the involved essentials of government image with the ethical point of view and provides a train of thought for the molding of China government.The first part, beginning with defining the concept of government and government image, promulgates the capital features, analyzes the accordance of posing government image, and expounds the pragmatic meaning of setting up good government image. Then, by reading the relative dissertation of thinkers (ancient or contemporary, home or aboard), combining utilitarianism with theory of morality and justice, poses the ethical criterion of judging a good or bad government image, which is whether the government protesting the peoples' interest or forwarding the social justice.The second part, analyzes specifically the involving contents of modern government image, which includes purity and honesty, credit and service, responsibility and high efficiency, open and fairness. Purity and honesty, the basement of government's existence and development, are the most fundamental and essential content. Credit, as the result of social development and maturity of citizens consciousness, is an important means of the government's service for the people, and trusted by the people. Service is a certain request of public administration, and they both have significance to China government. The anorms in government department entails responsible government, and the difference of the connotation and undertaking pattern is the basis difference between autocratic government and democratic government. High efficiency, on the ground of the central value system based on fairness, as he connotation of effect principle in new public administration, has obvious difference compared with the pursuit of efficiency of traditional public administration. Open, as the inevitable resultof government powerful publicity, has become a reflection of the sovereignty of the people, which is a sign of democratic governance. Justice, as a kind of ideal, is the aim of molding government image, is the persistent Value pursuit, which is the peoples' endless pursuit of value.The third part, countering to the main question that exists in china government image, offers corresponding solutions to molding good government image, First, on the basis of reality, it analyzes the main question in the process of construction of our government image and the reasons of them; Second, from the microcosmic point of view it explores the importance of functionary image, and the concrete act in molding the individual functionary image; Last, it explores the steps of setting up good department image from the government public relations and government policies.
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