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Study On Comparison Between Western Major Economics Research Programmes And Marxist Economics Research Programmes

Posted on:2005-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125454491Subject:Philosophy of Science and Technology
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After the foundation, China's economic construction has been guided by Marxist economics theory; however, the early dogmatic understanding of the Marxist economics seriously hindered the great development of economy. Since the reform and opening-up, many theories of the western economics introduced to China have already formed the theoretical foundations for government's policy-making, but it is still controversial on how to adopt the essence of the western economics. It is found that there exist greater differences between the theoretical core of the western major economics and the Marxist economics. Therefore, how to make comparison between them and what can be learned from it become the focus of this paper.The present economic reform of China has already entered into the stage to solve the deep contradictions, but the solutions to them depend on the further breakthrough and innovation in such theories as human hi economics, Marx' labor value theory, introduction of property right theory, theory on construction of socialist market economy and so on. From the comparison between western major economics and Marxism economics some inspirations can be drawn accordingly.Chapter 1 makes a brief introduction to Lakatos' methodology of scientific research programs and the understanding of the two major economics research programs of Glas and Johnson, on the basis of which the author puts forward his own view on the core of western major economics research programs and Marxist economics research programs which includes the study on human, value theory, property right theory and market economic theory.Chapter 2 points out that the primary difference between the two major economics research programs is "economic people" and "social people". Next, by expounding what "economic people" and "social people" mean and analyzing the difference of their methodologies, personal opinions are given on how to dialectically view "economic people" hypothesis and "social people" basis. Since the final aim of all economics is human whose overall development lies in the final aim of Marxist theory, this paper briefly expounds the development of economy choice and human.Chapter 3 describes the value theory of Marxist economics and western major economics and then points out that the evolution from classical economies' labor value theory to utility value theory, from objective utility values to subjective utility values and from utility values to synthetic value-prices must serve the need of rationality, fairness, validity and harmony of the capitalism. The last part of this chapter deals with the main difference between two major economics value theories from three respects with the focus on discussing how to furtherdevelop Marxist economics under the new situation.Chapter 4 explains the framework of Marxist property right theory and western economies' property right theory, between which the essential difference is shown through comparison in the following respects: the individual doctrine and wholism method study on property right; interrelation between the economic relation and the right relation; the identification of the property right relation as business relation or production relation; the identification of the property right as natural right or historical right. The end of this chapter is centered around the process of China's property relation reform, its existing problems and the correct directions of the reform of China's property right system.Chapter 5 introduces Marx' analysis of market economics and the market economics theory of western major economics. On the basis of comparison, this part formulates China's probe in market economics and the direction Chinese socialist market economics reform should take.
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