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The Developing Tactics Research Of Medium And Small-Sized Enterprises Cluster

Posted on:2005-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152967184Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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As a new regional economics theory, industry cluster is one of the most important characteristics of modern industry theories. It is a kind of spatial convergence of one industry or analogical industries in a special site. According to the requirement for the development of enterprises, it is a feasible choice to enter a cluster to develop synthesis strength by the collaboration effect. As a vital and innovative industry organization form, enterprises cluster, especially hi-tech enterprise cluster, whose development is nearly contacted with the industry structure adjustment, technology innovation, and the national and regional economy development, is well concerned by economists recently. The essay focuses on the application of cluster theory in the development of medium and small-sized enterprises, especially hi-tech medium and small-sized enterprises. This article concerns on the roles of industry cluster in promoting the technical progress of medium and small-sized enterprises after reviewing on other researchers' studies on the topic. The advantages of cluster, and how to do when facing innovating cluster are well discussed. After these theories, this essay focuses on the environment and public policy in developing industry clusters, and the corporation strategy of each enterprise in cluster. Theoretic analysis and empirical analysis methods are used in depicting the advantages, operational mechanism, and developing tactics of hi-tech enterprises cluster.This article indicates that, the birth of cluster is a macroscopical phenomenon. The macroscopical environment, systems, and polices are very important to the development of cluster. As a microstructure, it is very important for each company in cluster to improve technology, select a good site, plant a good culture, design a international tactic, and play a good role in the cluster system. There is no low-tech industry, just low-tech enterprise, who can not use modern technology and routine to improve productivity. Any goods can be produced by the hardhitting technology. Positive and normative analyses are both used in this article. After theoretical and empirical analysis, we give some advices for development of cluster. A vital cluster can help any enterprise in any industry use hardhitting technology and the most complex manner to participate in competition. It is the core idea that the best choice to develop hi-tech medium and small-sized enterprises is to develop the medium and small-sized enterprises clusters.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small-sized Enterprise, Cluster, Public Policy, Corporation Strategy
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