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The Estimate Of Forest Ecosystem Services Economic Values And Comparison Analysis--Take Xinjiang As Example

Posted on:2005-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125459218Subject:Physical geography
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This thesis is based on quantities of ecological researches of our country, aiming aware public of the vital ecosystem services of Xinjiang by qualitatively researching the ecosystem services of Xinjiang in ecological methods. Moreover, a quantitative analysis following economic methods about ecosystem services of Xinjiang has been included. By analyzing and computing the values of various properties of the forests all over different places in Xinjiang such as water holding,soil conservation,CO2 fixation,purifying environment and so on, the fact that great welfare has been brought by ecosystem is clearly showed to publics. Thus, it helps or enables publics aware themselves of the importance of protecting ecological circumstance. By comparing the economic values of ecosystem services in various places, evidences that support the prior protection of ecosystem and ecological programming are provided. It will be a great pleasure if this thesis can contribute to the policy making of the protection and sustainable development of ecological environment.Here are the main conclusions of this thesis:(1)According to accurate computing, the direct economic value of the service functions of Forests Ecosystem of Xinjiang is 9.1763×109 Yuan, the indirect economic value is 1.0428×1011 Yuan, which is 11.36 times more than direct economic value . It is demonstrated that the main economic value of forests ecosystem is its indirect value which is known as the value of life-sustain system. However , the direct value of forests in Xinjiang is mainly considered as lumber value,fruits production and travel value. Nevertheless , these values which are familiar to publics only take percentage as less as 10.59%, those items such as water holding,soil conversation,purifying the environment pollution and CO2 fixation and O2 release of forests ecosystem which benefit human beings most often are ignored by publics. The ecosystem of Xinjiang is weak, the natural conditions are poor as well, therefore, the indirect economic value of forests ecosystem is highlighted.(2)Among the indirect economic value of the ecosystem services of Xinjiang , 3.5758×1010 Yuan are brought by taiga , 6.8518×1010 Yuan are brought by the broadleaf forest,the indirect economic value of taiga ecosystem services are mainly unveiled by CO2 fixation and O2 release and water holding, the indirect economic value of the broadleaf forest ecosystem services are mainly unveiled by purifying environment pollution and soil conversation.(3)The economic value of Populus diversifolia ecosystem services is 1.2741×1010 Yuan,among which the direct economic value is 5.024×107 Yuan;indirect economic value is 1.2691×1010 Yuan(252.6 times more than the one before).Through the 8 regions where Polulus diversifolia can be found ,Akesu has the highest unit area indirect values , however, HaMi has the lowest unit area indirect values。The economic value of Polulus diversifoliain northern XinJian is mainly composed of CO2 fixation and O2 release,while in southern Xinjiang it is soil conservation.(4)The economic value of man-made forest Ecosystem services in Xinjiang is 1.0132×1010 Yuan,among which direct economic value is 3.67×106 Yuan,indirect economic value is 1.0128×1010 Yuan(2758 times more than the one before).The region of Hami has the highest unit area indirect economic value of man-made forest ecosystem in Xinjiang .The indirect economic value of northern Xinjiang mainly depends on water holding,but the indirect economic value of eastern Xinjiang and southern Xinjiang are basically made up of soil conversation.(5)Except Urumqi, Kelamayi, Shihezi, Turufana nd Kuitun,there are 11 regions where the indirect economic value per person of ecosystem services is higher than the average GNP. It is obvious that the forests ecosystem greatly benefits human beings.
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