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An Analysis Of The Client-manager System In Chinese Commercial Bank

Posted on:2005-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122999361Subject:National Economics
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With the rapid development of global economic integration and the full-scale opening of finance in china, there will be a heated competition not only among the domestic commercial banks but also between the domestic and foreign banks. Therefore, the reforms in respect of system, management and business etc. are essential for commercial bank to survive and maintain sustainable development. The client—manager system, the reform in terms management and operation, is based on the further understanding of the market principles.The client—manager system is a system in which a client is equipped with a professional manager, the purpose of which is to open market, obtain more clients, escape the capital risk and make the maximum profits.From theoretical perspective, client—manager system is linked with the bank marketing reform. With the marketing of banks, the exertion of client—manager system is a very important part in improving the banks' management. Therefore, the exertion of client—manager system will certainly become an important part in the process of the commercial bank reform in china. It could be foreseen that the client—manager system will be discussed more frequently in the management and operation of commercial banks, and it will be more stressed by the bank administrative level. The client—manager system is a principle of modern banking management, which mainly includes client-oriented principle, the principle of management and selling integration, the principle of developing core clients, principle of product and service individualization, the principle of banking service and the principle of strengthening the technology of bank service. It is not a managing model but an operating mechanism.From the perspective of analyzing the premise under which client—manager is produced and advanced, with the development of financial market to a certain stage, it is an inevitable output due to the marrying-up of various circumstances—such as the intensifying competition among financial institutions, the global economic and financial integration, the development of marketing concept and the back-up of modern technology, etc. In the late 80s, the foreign transnational bank, with American bank as the representative, came up with the bank client—manager. After china joined WTO, it caused great impact and influence upon Chinese banks. Therefore, the client—manager system is in rapid exertion.There are still a lot of contradictions and problems for our country to carry out the client—manager system. For example, the contradictions between the demand of system reform and the inflexibility of operating mechanism, between the urgency of time and the inadequacy of understanding, between the high demand for quality and backwardness of team construction, between the intensive management and the separateness of department service, and between the traditional service and the intelligence service.In order to carry out the client—manager system in commercial banks, the principle of integrity, the principle of operation, the principled of post and the principle of clients have to be properly dealt with. The management model could be chosen according to the actual situation in every trade, such as the extensive model, the client—manager centered model and the centralized management model. The achievement evaluation on client—manager should be integrate and focus on the key points. The evaluation should reflect achievement and the principle of comparison, and the check should be strict, with distinct rewards and punishment. At the same time, the exertion of the human resource system of client—manager must be established.
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