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On Patron-client Corruption Under The Patron-client Paradigm

Posted on:2017-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330488469457Subject:Political science
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Along with the deepening of China's Reform and Opening, more and more new situation of corruption appears, Research work is usually around the social life of modern corruption (power-for-money deal) to expand. However, in traditional Chinese human social soil, Chinese traditional corruption is still prevalent, one main performance is the patron-client corruption. So, under the special background of China's human culture, to analysis of the characteristics of patron-client corruption, to understand the causes of patron-client corruption has important implications for anti-corruption work.This paper will introduce the analytical paradigm of clientelism, does a complete and deep research on the patron-client corruption by using the methods of Literature review, the data analysis and the case collection. It includes its definition, its main performance, its main origin and its main influences. It also proposes the real preventing and controlling ways of patron-client, to construct a clean and honest administration.This article hold a view that the patron-client is public officials who use public resources or authority influence to build sustained, stable patron-client closed network, based on mutual benefit, the principle of equal profit sharing, to seek benefits by corruption and violate laws and ethics.The patron-client corruption has hidden and stability; groups and low risk; organized and institutionalized; collaborative beings and sectarian-oriented features. Its main performance are: "Tutelage relationship" between the upper and lower officials; asylum relationship between officials and businessmen; asylum relationship between officials and the dark forces; family corruption; nepotism corruption.Trace the origin, the main reasons for corruption are:the cultivation of "Human-gratitude" cultural soil; the drawbacks of cadre selection and appointment system; the temptation of benefits principle in shelter network; the temptation of Low risk in patron-client network; the lack of civil servants avoidance consciousness and avoidance system design.Suit the remedy to the case,making recommendations for the management of patron-client corruption:Locate good role of public officials and clear the power relationship; Strengthen the system design, get rid of "personal attachment" personnel system; attach importance to study asylum-style corruption microscopic cost-benefit mechanism, eliminate the power of producing patron-client corruption; improve the relevant laws and regulations, further build the rule of law and transparent government. In addition, by means of propaganda and education, changing people's thought——"having relationship does work". At the same time, we need to mobilize the whole society into the resist to expose the "relationship" power movement, to get rid of patron-client network to eliminate corruption harm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corruption, patron-client corruption, human relations, patron-client network
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