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Studies On Government Support Behavior For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Hubei Province

Posted on:2005-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125469245Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Small and medium-sized enterprises play irreplaceable roles in strengthening competitive vigor, accelerating economic growth, adjusting industrial structures, promoting technical innovations and extending employments. It is of significance to research into why and how the government protect and support small and medium-sized enterprises, which will promote small and medium-sized enterprises to develop continuously, so as to continue giving the great contribution to the whole national economy.By using theories, such as economics, enterprise management, new system economics, etc., from the colony's point of view, and adopting normative analyses method mainly, this thesis analyzes the impersonality and inevitability of the protection and support that the Small-and-medium-sized need from the government, and seeks for some points the government can proceed with in order to protect and support small-and-medium-sized enterprises, then puts forward measures in Hubei province.The article describes the objective necessity that the government support small and medium-sized enterprises on the basis of WTO regulars, small and medium-sized enterprises own demand and foreign successful experiences. The enterprise development power model constructed on basis of the principle that object move will point out the action direction for the government, namely to reduce enterprise's development resistance, to increase enterprise's development thrust and promoting strength. According to the competition theory of administrative division of new system economics, small and medium-sized enterprises promoting law, the current development environment of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hubei and the foreign government's successful experiences, the thesis chooses some points that the government can proceed with when they need to protect and support small and medium-sized enterprises, they include optimizing administration, strengthening financing, legislate and socialized service support, and promoting the technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and after combining these views, the article bring forward the government supports" three level behavior modes ".The first level, reducing enterprise's development resistance, think that the government must accelerate transforming the government functions, and the prerequisite is to change the government roles, change to be a limited, transparent, keeping one'sword, responsibility and neutrality government by reducing intervention, making the market play basic function fully, accelerating the reform in government organization and administering the state according to law etc. The second level, increasing enterprise's development thrust, in term of financing, analyses the reasons of the difficulty of financing, think that in order to solve the small and medium-sized enterprises' difficulty of financing, people must overcome the problem of information asymmetry between financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises, the corresponding measure is to develop the medium and small financial institution, to advance enterprises to finance together and collect different financing means. The third level is to discuss how to increase enterprise's development promoting strength, in order to improve the competitive power of enterprises, the government should advance the technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, concrete behavior include: promote entrepreneur's current ideas about innovation changing, increasing the input in innovative fund, strengthening innovative environmental construction and accelerating innovative talent cultivation, etc...
Keywords/Search Tags:government, small and medium-sized enterprise, government function, financing, technological innovation, Hubei province.
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