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Comparison Research Of The Govermment Financial Policy Supportive System The Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises Between Hubei And Taiwan

Posted on:2005-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125954499Subject:Business management
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In recent years, small -and medium sized Enterprises' important position and function in the national economy and social development, suffered the extensive approbation of social public, and caused the high degree thought of the all levels of government. The international community's experience expresses, small -and medium sized Enterprises' development facing the most widespread and invite factor is a margin problem.The premier Zhu Rung ever emphasize that we should draw lessons from the Taiwan's small -and medium sized Enterprises development and blossom ours.My province is a place that small -and medium sized Enterprises' swarm about, it occupy very important position in our province's country economy, however, that the funds is missing is also the most difficult breakthrough's" bottleneck" in the small -and medium sized Enterprises' development. In recent years, measures on mend of circumstances and margin support from the section in each province city hall and financing institution arrive, but from total up to see, still lack a complete and stable margin supporting system and operating mechanism. Under this kind of background, it is necessary to research, compare and tally up on the small -and medium sized Enterprises' margin precedes about "small business enterprise Kingdom" its call of the Taiwanese region. Joining together our province ' measure of the circumstances of on the mend and small business enterprise margin that will soon adopt, and study further how to perfect my province margin support system.This text make use of the theories and fulfillment to combine together, synthesize the research and compare the analysis combine together, make a point of the solid way that study, objective contrast the analysis, between China's and the west method of margin proceeding, then inspire from it. Then, I will analysis the supporting system of the government policy on small -and medium sized Enterprises' margin proceeding. And then solid analyzing the present condition and the way of ours, finding out " key sticking point" of our margin proceeding difficulty. Finally, draw lessons from the experience of Taiwanese margin of forerunner region. And aiming at my province actually, set upping a movement proceeding mechanism for diversified and new frame for small -and medium sized Enterprises' development. This is the logic for my paper to following.The corpus of text is divided into four greatest parts:Firstly we made an introduction about theories and methods of margin proceeding of small -and medium sized Enterprises. Then we make a comparison analysis on the sector of margin proceeding difficulty in America, Europe, Japan and Taiwan.Statement that this part is one hand to make the continuation theoretically of preparation, on the other hand, is to make the cushion for the analysis of first class margin proceeding policy of Taiwanese small -and medium sized Enterprises and for the policy we should adopt in Huber small -and medium sized Enterprises.The second part of systems introduced the small business enterprise government margin of Taiwan inside the policy support the system. Among them, establishing the specialized margin laws with managing the organization, setting up the reputation to guarantee the system, founding "two plank markets" are perfect risk investment system, setting the development bank of small business enterprise in Taipei First Boys School is everywhere a raising of catalyst for raising the in the margin's system is heavy inside it heavily, and also helping realizing Taiwan becoming the " inside small business enterprise Kingdom", this aspect is at the our country development inside aspect still" blank one" of small business enterprise, particularly deserve draw lessons from.The third part make use of the solid study method that, completely analyze the present condition, characteristic, the present condition, difficult cause, structure characteristic and way of margin proceeding of Huber small -and medium sized Enterprises'. Source of its data is statistics results on-site inspec...
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