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Study Of Development Strategy Of Jilin Petrochemical Industrial Corporation

Posted on:2005-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125953023Subject:Business Administration
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China has already entered WTO. The third industrial structure adjustment is taking place in petrochemical industry. Many foreign big companies carry on extensive reorganization and amalgamation too, the enormous change has taken place in the internal and external environment that Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation is in. The already existing market and competitiveness advantage will face the challenge of the big foreign petrochemical corporation at home in Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation. If the company wants to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, it must make the development strategy suitable for one's own.Firstly, the article makes investigations and research of Jilin petrochemical industry corporation and analysis of the company's external and internal environment, summarizes strengths and weaknesses of Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation, defines the opportunities and threats that exists in the external environment. After that, on these grounds, according to the principles of" doing something and not doing the other " confirmed in the program during the 'State's Tenth Five-Year Plan Period of national chemical industry, the article has put forward the strategic target of making Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation to the biggest company of China National petroleum Corporation, the top company in china and the well-known full-length production base of petrochemical industry all over the world, and defined the strategic emphasis of expanding scale and streamlining product structure , and has made the general development strategy of Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation according to the overall strategic plan of China National petroleum Corporation.. The article has provided the basic strategies of overall cost leadership and innovation strategy, and formed the general development strategy frame of Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation.The article focuses on the combination of theory and practice, uses the strategic management theory and does enterprise's strategic research topractice, and has certain directive significance to products structural adjustment in petrochemical industry, internal reforms, business administration and long-term steady development in the future of Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation.
Keywords/Search Tags:petrochemical industry, industrial structure adjustment, overall cost leadership, innovation strategy, Jilin petrochemical industrial corporation
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